What is the difference between coding and programming?

Some people who have been in the software development industry for a long time claim that “Programming is not the same as programming. Just because you can code doesn’t mean you can code.”

Well, what does that mean? The official is sure all this time that you think these two words can be used interchangeably, and they mean the same thing. However, the two are different. So what is the difference between coding and programming?

Programming is the ability to understand the syntax and structure of a language, while programming is the ability to translate an idea or an idea into a language to solve a problem.

Let’s delve a little deeper into understanding the difference between coding and programming.

What is coding?

The language that computers understand is Machine Code, which is difficult for humans to understand. Therefore, the easiest way to interact with a computer is by designing a programming language. What is the common denominator among most programming languages?

  • Syntax and rules to follow when writing code
  • A translator that converts code into machine code for computers to understand
  • The computer runs the code and returns the result

There are many programming languages ​​that you can use to write code. Coding is the process of using a programming language to make a computer behave the way the developer wants it to. Each line of code tells the computer to do something, and documents with multiple lines of code are called scripts.

The script can only give the desired result if it is compiled and then executed. You need to convert your script into a program. The assembly process converts the code from your programming language into machine code, which a computer can understand. Any app, game, or website is software.

In short, coding involves writing many lines of code to create a program.

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What is programming?

Although coding is a large part of the software development lifecycle, it is not an essential part. To create an app, you have to take some necessary steps. This includes planning, design, testing, deployment and even maintenance.

So programming is the bigger picture and involves not only coding but also other tasks, such as analyzing and implementing algorithms, understanding data structures, and solving problems.

Programming is very important because in writing code you have to be transparent with the program outline or structure. For example, you can write pseudocode from your own coding logic, and pseudocode is an effective way to explain algorithms to programmers.

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Programming vs Programming

This table will give you a brief overview of the difference between programming and programming.

Important points coding Programming
Domain It is the process of converting a set of instructions into a language that a computer can understand. It has a wider scope so that apart from coding it also includes defining requirements, writing pseudo code, testing and creating executable files
skills As a programmer, you need to know the syntax of a programming language As a programmer, you need superior thinking and analysis skills as well as programming skills.
Tools Eclipse, Bootstrap, Delphi, ATOM, and more Apart from coding tools, there are also others like Git, Github, Database, and Analytics like Apache Spark, Presentation, and Cloud.
consequences A working piece of code. Complete applications, software products, or websites.
the support Extensive developer community support available Extensive community support is available


So this is the difference between coding and programming. Simply put, coding is the process of writing code from one language to another. While programming is the process of creating and developing an executable engine that executes a series of instructions.

But despite all these differences, to be a great programmer, you must have a strong technical mindset and analytical skills.

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