What is Niagahoster?

Looking for information on Niagahoster? Did you come to the right place, because this time the administrator will discuss what Niagahoster is?

When you plan to create a website, of course you will find out about the hosting provider’s services and you may accidentally hear about Niagahoster. So what is Niagahoster?

What is Niagahoster?

Niagahoster is one of the best web hosting providers in Indonesia, which was founded in 2013 and is part of the Hostinger Group, an international hosting company with 500 servers worldwide.

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Niagahoster itself offers many services and features to its users at relatively cheaper prices than other hosting providers. Not only that, Niagahoster is also always ranked in the top 5 in almost every Indonesian web hosting reviewer.

Services available at Niagahoster

In addition to having many features and a strong infrastructure, Niagahoster also has several services for its users. Here are some of the services available at Niagahoster:

1. Unlimited hosting

Unlimited hosting is one of the services available at Niagahoster. This service also has complete hosting features. It also has various packages that you can choose according to your web needs. Package prices range from the cheapest to 10,000 / month to the most expensive to 148,800 / month. There will usually be a discount on the first purchase.

Here are some of the packages available on Niagahoster’s unlimited hosting service:

  • Baby package – 10,000 / month
  • Student Package – 61,800 / month
  • Personal plan – 107,250 / month
  • Business plan – 148,800 / month

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2. Cloud Hosting

Another service available at Niagahoster is Cloud Hosting. Cloud Hosting is a hosting service in which data and files are stored on a virtual server / cloud over the internet. So users don’t need physical / hardware storage, such as regular hosting.

Cloud Hosting is suitable for those of you who have high traffic to your site and need high site security. Niagahoster separates this service into several packages. The following are some of the packages available on Niagahoster’s cloud hosting service:

  • Basic package – 250,000 / month
  • Standard – 350,000 / month
  • Premium – 600,000 / month
  • Corporate – 1,200,000 / month

3. WordPress hosting

The next service available at Niagahoster is WordPress Hosting. This is a hosting service created specifically for WordPress CMS users.

This service is useful, so website owners should only focus on the content or business on their wordpress site. Owners should not be bothered by various technical issues, such as upload speed, security, and limited resource issues, as they have all been handled by a team of Niagahoster experts. So you don’t have to doubt his abilities anymore.

Like other services, WordPress hosting is available in several packages. Here are some of the packages available on Niagahoster’s WordPress hosting service:

  • WP package for students – 61,800 / month
  • WP personal plan – 107,250 / month
  • Business plan – 148,800 / month


VPS KVM is a service available on Niagahoster. This is a VPS hosting service that uses KVM or a kernel-based virtual machine as a virtualization system. This service is suitable if you have high traffic to the site, want full control over your hosting settings, and want a dedicated IP address.

Niagahoster KVM VPS comes in several packages. The following are some of the packages available on Niagahoster’s KVM VPS service:

  • VPS Small – 100,000 / Bulan
  • StartUp VPS – 130,000 / month
  • VPS Professional – 250,000 / month
  • VPS Business – 325,000 / volume

5. Domain

In addition to providing hosting services, Niagahoster also offers packages for purchasing domains according to your wishes at affordable prices. Not only that, there are even features available check the domain so that buyers can find out if the domain name and extension they are about to buy are available or not.

6. Instant site

The latest web hosting service available at Niagahoster is Instant Website. This service offers instant creation of ready-to-use websites. You can choose from a wide variety of professional websites to suit your needs.

Before you buy, you can see the features and do a test / demo to find out the full information of the site. Depending on the demo, the site you choose will be displayed in its entirety via the browser. You can click on the menus on the site so that you can feel the experience of using the site.

Every website you choose should look receptive. Therefore, the website will still look great on various devices such as desktop, tablet and mobile. You can also try the responsive look of the site through the demo feature.


So Niagahoster is an affordable web hosting service provider that has many features for its users. The idea is that Niagahoster can help you with all your needs with a range of web hosting services that are available in several packages.

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