What is Cisco Packet Tracer? (COMPLETELY)

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What is Cisco Packet Tracer?

Packet Tracer is a Cisco network tool simulator that is often used as a learning and training environment, as well as in the field of computer network simulation research. This program is created by Cisco Systems and is provided free of charge to teachers, students, and graduates who have attended Cisco Networking Academy. The main purpose of Packet Tracer is to provide students and teachers with tools to understand the principles of computer networking, and also to develop skills in Cisco networking tools.

Cisco Packet Tracer Features

  1. Packet Tracer lets you set up and build a network with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. It offers a practical experience that you can apply in class and even at work
  2. Practice and learn new skills that you can use to complete real-life projects
  3. Supports various CCNA Routing protocol technologies, security and other critical IT resources
  4. Its activity wizard allows you to get real-time feedback to enjoy a comprehensive learning experience
  5. You can use it to monitor the logistics of packet transfers, data transfers, and more in real time.
  6. Its community function helps you share ideas, practice, and learn from other instructors.
  7. Allows collaboration between multiple users and friends, providing a competitive learning experience

Cisco Packet Tracer Features

Menu bar

The menu bar is a menu that contains basic commands such as. The menu bar is divided into 2, namely at the top and bottom


  • New: Create a new worksheet (new file)
  • Open: Open a file that has been created
  • Save: Save the created file
  • Print: to print the worksheet or topology we created
  • Copy: to copy the device or topology
  • Paste: to paste the device or topology I copied
  • Cancel: go back to the beginning or cancel the last job (last activity)
  • Redo: cancels the cancellation
  • Zoom in: to increase the size of a topology
  • Zoom Reset: Returns the measurement to the original
  • Shrink: to reduce the size of the topology
  • Palette dialog
  • Custom dialog for the device


  • File: new, open, sample, save, save as, save as PKZ, save as regular cartridge, print, recent file, output and disconnect, output
  • Edit: copy, paste, undo, redo
  • Option: preferences, user profile, algorithm setting, order log view
  • View: zoom, toolbar
  • Tools: drawing palette, custom device dialog
  • Extensions: Activity Wizard, Multi-User, IPC, Scripting, Clear Terminal Agent, LAN Multi-User Agent, Marvel, WAN Multi-User Agent, UPnp Multiple User
  • Help: content, tutorial, report a problem, about

General toolbar and drawing

  • Select: Select the device to be inserted into the workspace (Worksheet)
  • Placement note: Provide a note about the existing device in the workspace (worksheet)
  • Delete: wipe the device from the workspace (worksheet)
  • Inspect
  • Draw a polygon. Use this tool for the encirclement test: mark or color a device or topology
  • Resize the shape
  • Add a simple PDU: to send a message (test ping)
  • Add a complex PDU

Device category

  • Routers: To combine or connect 2 or more networks in a different network
  • Switch: Switch is only used to redirect data packets. Without doing the routing process. But we can still manage it
  • Hub: Same as the switch, but we can’t handle it
  • Wireless device: contains a variety of wireless devices
  • Connection: Contains different types of cables that are used to connect one device to another
  • End devices: Contains various devices, such as PC, laptop, server (generic), IP phone, VoIP device, phone, TV, etc.
  • Security
  • WAN emulation
  • Personalized devices: Devices that we can customize according to your needs or desires
  • Multi-user connection

Real-time simulation bar

This feature is used to view network simulations and certain data packets


Cisco Packet Tracer is an application for creating network simulations or creating a network topology. In addition, the Cisco Packet Tracer is equipped with various features to make our learning easier.

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