Top 6 Apps to Convert JPG to PNG 2022 (free)

If you are looking for a way to change the format of the jpg / jpeg file to png. In this article, we have listed the top 5 applications to safely convert jpg to png without losing image quality. Okay, let’s talk about this.

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The best application to convert JPG to PNG (online)

The free version of JPG to PNG converter helps you to convert your regular JPEG / JPG images to online PNG files. You can convert JPG to transparent PNG with minimal effort.

This online tool uses powerful servers to ensure that users get a very high conversion speed from JPG to PNG even when processing multiple JPG files. You can too convert jpg to png free and safe using

2. PearlMountain Image Converter

PearlMountain Image Converter is an easy-to-use Windows program that converts jpg to png format. The tool supports multiple formats and has an easy-to-use interface that speeds up the whole process. All you have to do is add your images, choose a destination format and folder, and let the batch program process your files.

3. Able Batch Image Converter

With support for over 90 formats, Able Batch Image Converter does exactly what it says it does. It can actually convert multiple photos at once with just a few clicks. This tool is designed so that its users can easily complete their tasks. Users can simply add an image to the File tab, apply the necessary edits to the Action tab, and finally select an output format and folder.

4. Total Image Converter

Total Image Converter supports over 30 image formats, including several RAW formats. There is nothing really confusing in the main dashboard of the application. Once you’ve added the files, you can simply click on the format you want, and in the new dialog, simply select the destination folder for the output images. This way, you can convert jpg to png in 1 minute.

In addition to converting images, you can also resize, crop, rotate, and protect them from theft by inserting a logo or watermark. It is worth mentioning that the Pro version of Total Image Converter offers support for very large TIFF files, which can reach a size of up to 500 MB.

5. FastStone Photo Resizer

FastStone Photo Resizer is a simple Windows tool that allows users to convert jpg to png or photo formats. Of course, since it’s not specifically designed for photo conversion, it doesn’t support special, fairly common formats, such as JPG, PNG, BMP, or TIFF.

In addition to conversion, you can further edit the image by reducing its size, rotating and cropping it, changing the color depth, and adjusting the contrast, brightness, or saturation. You can also add text comments, watermarks, and borders to your images.

Bonus app

1. SysTools Image Converter

SysTools Image Converter gives you the ability to convert from and to different formats. In addition to JPG, PNG, or BMP, this computer program supports WebP, DOCX, PDF, HTML, or Text (base 64). When it comes to saving images, you have two main options.

You can create a file for each converted photo, or you can create a DOCX, PDF, or HTML file for all your photos. SysTools Image Converter is relatively easy to use. Just add files to the first tab (no drag-and-drop support), preview in the second tab (not the best preview option), and select export settings in the third tab. You can also print images directly from the program, as well as resize them after converting jpg to png or other formats.


So, this is the best application to safely convert jpg to png without losing your image quality. Now it’s time to try one by one and determine which one is right for you.

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