This is the definition of hosting and its functions

This is the definition of hosting and its functions – A site that is already online must have a domain and hosting. Then do you know what domain and hosting are? In this article, we will take a closer look at the meaning and function of hosting.

Have you ever created a website or blog before? If so, you’re probably familiar with the term hosting. For those unfamiliar with this term, the administrator will briefly explain what hosting is. This service also ensures that the website can be displayed on the internet.

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What exactly is the relationship between a website and hosting? And why do you need a domain on a webpage? All of these questions will be answered in this article. For business needs, many companies take advantage of hosting packages to be able to manage websites well and be known by users on the Internet.

Understanding hosting

Hosting is an online service that is used to manage the data of the site or web applications by users and displayed on the Internet. Website files stored on hosting are images, scripts, videos, emails, applications, and databases (databases). When you use the internet and are about to access a site, the first thing you do is type in a specific domain name or keyword on a page of a search engine such as Google.

If you are still confused, the administrator will analyze the site as a house building. Where, the accommodation acts as a construction area. While the domain and IP (Internet Protocol) are the home address. Therefore, the function of the domain is to give identity to a website so that there are no duplications and it is certainly unique. Therefore, the purpose of using hosting is to store information and data that belongs to the site.

Hosting function

Hosting has many uses that you can enjoy in connection with personal or corporate website development. The following are some of the features of using hosting, including the following:

Creating site pages

The first is, of course, used to create sites that store a lot of information and documents related to users or business. So by using a hosting package, your webpage will be displayed in search engines so that it can be accessed by many visitors over the internet.

Developing an online buying and selling site

If you want to create an online or often e-commerce store website, you need to use hosting so that every piece of information you enter can be indexed and read by search engines. The development of an online store website is able to attract large consumers, and your site will be better known to the public.

Create a professional email

The third function is to create a professional email or better known as a company email or your own domain. The goal, of course, is to increase the credibility of your business to make it look more professional.

Able to protect websites with SSL

The last function is to protect the site from malware attacks, viruses, DDOS attacks indicated or exposed to spam. Therefore, with hosting support, you can install Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to make your site more secure and optimal.

Types of hosting

In order for our site to be online and accessible to others on the Internet, we need hosting. Then what kind of hosting is right for our site. Before buying or renting hosting, please consider the following types of hosting:

Shared hosting

Shared hosting is the cheapest type of hosting option. This type of hosting is usually used for beginners who just want to make their site accessible online.

Websites that typically use shared hosting are blogs, online portfolios, and small online stores. The administrator himself uses shared hosting to learn how to create an online website and start a blog.

Dedicated hosting

Dedicated hosting or dedicated hosting is a term used to describe a hosting package that offers dedicated servers. This means that the resources provided are dedicated to a single client. This hosting is usually used for wordpress websites or blogs that have a very large number of visitors.

VPS hosting

VPS that is, Virtual Private Server is hosting that offers virtual machines to customers. This concept is similar to shared hosting, where a single server can run multiple websites on that server. However, each account is treated as its own machine and its own operating system (OS) resources.

Services of multiple hosting providers

If you are still confused about choosing the right hosting service for your site, now is the time to determine the service through your hosting provider.

There are so many companies offering hosting services in this world, both in the country and abroad. But, according to the administrator, the cheapest is DomaiNesia, because this hosting service provider provides a monthly package duration.

How hosting packages work

How a hosting package works starts with a hosting company that provides server space to store assets and data for site needs. When the user enters the domain name of the website in the browser, the host sends the necessary files to access the website.

Of course, the use of hosting also pays a monthly rental fee. If you pay on time, then the server service will always be easily accessible and can work properly without any connection issues and so on.


So this is the explanation of the meaning and hosting functions. Hosting services play a very important role in the performance and development of a website. To do this, make sure you choose the right and, of course, quality hosting service.

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