That’s why Windows 9 doesn’t exist

You may have used Windows 7, 8, and 10. Then why doesn’t Windows 9 exist? Apparently, there’s a reason behind all of this that Microsoft passed the number 9 name to its new operating system after Windows 8.

For a year, Microsoft followed a fairly consistent naming scheme for its major versions of the operating system. For example, they had Windows 95, 98, 2000, up to Windows 8. But when the company released the next major version of Windows after Windows 8, they decided to call it “Windows 10”, ignoring number 9.

So why not Windows 9 and why did Microsoft switch to Windows 10 right away? The administrator has some answers. See.

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Why not Windows 9

When Windows 10 was first released, there were many theories that claimed to explain the reasons behind Microsoft’s decision to skip number 9. For example, one that makes sense are some of the comments from Redditor. Many older programs are supposed to use “Windows 9” as a reference for Windows 95 and 98 in their code. To avoid widespread technical problems, Microsoft has decided to call their new operating system “Windows 10”.

Although this is plausible, it is not official. The reason I received from official sources illustrates the motivation behind Microsoft jumped over Windows 9 as simple marketing.

According to well-known Microsoft insider Mary Foley, the company is using “Windows 10” because it wants to signal that the operating system will be the last major Windows update. So number 10 is a way of saying, “Hey, here it is, and there will be no more versions of Windows X.”

But as we now know, Windows 10 is not the latest version. Microsoft released Windows 11 last year. But if we take a closer look, launching Windows 11 could just as well be largely a marketing move. For all intents and purposes, Windows 11 is just a disguised Windows 10.

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So that’s why Windows 9 doesn’t exist. But whatever the reason, Windows 10 has become a commercially successful operating system for Microsoft. Even if there are still errors and it is not fixed at the beginning, Microsoft has fixed almost all the problems. In other words, skipping Windows 9 for Windows 10 has paid off.

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