Download Free Whitelabel WordPress Theme & Plugin Options Panel Full Version

Whitelabel WordPress Theme & Plugin Options Panel

Whitelabel theme and plugin options panel is a state-of-the-art script that allows developers to quickly and easily add powerful options to their WordPress theme or plugin. Whitelabel is so easy to use and so fast that it is suitable for both experienced developers and beginners. With Whitelabel, your themes or plugins will look great and … Read more

Download Free ProPanel – WordPress Theme Options Panel Full Version

ProPanel - Wordpress Theme Options Panel

ProPanel is an easy-to-use code set that allows you to add a powerful options panel to any WordPress theme. Whether you are an experienced theme developer or just a beginner, you will have no problems working with ProPanel. Key features include: Seamless dashboard style 10 kinds of powerful options Possibility of an unlimited number of … Read more

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