Download Free Four Letter Words – HTML5 Word Game Full Version

Four Letter Words - HTML5 Word Game

A fun, addictive, challenging and educational HTML5 word game. Built with high performance Phaser motor. The game remembers your high score. A list of four letter words with over 3900 words Configuration options for game setup Easy graphics switching Game scales for each screen Works in all HTML5 browsers Created with Phaser Easy click/tap control … Read more

Download Free Super Puzzle Basket – HTML5 game(CAPX) Full Version

Super Puzzle Basket - HTML5 game(CAPX)

Description: SuperPuzzleBasket This is an innovative physics puzzle game, your goal is to get the basketball to the green flag using jump platforms that can be pulled by the players. Information: HD resolution Mobile optimization CAPX+HTML5+Documentation included Easy to edit and create levels Contains portal mechanics (like in Portal2) How to play You can drag … Read more

Download Free Ribbit Racer Full Version

Ribbit Racer

Description To avoid falling into the water, touch the screen as the car approaches the edge of the bridge. Unusual driving with just one touch. The game requires good reflexes and steel nerves. 13 unique cars. Try to open them all. Included HTML5 files. Create a project file on 2. Documentation Download Link Ribbit Racer … Read more

Download Free Boom Knight Full Version

Boom Knight

Description Boom Knight while saving the world from evil forces !.Touch and hold to aim at the evil soldier, then release to shoot, aim at the evil soldier’s head to score more.Beware, however, ONE WRONG GOAL; YOU ARE DYING. Are you still ready for this mission?Share your best result with your friend and have fun. … Read more

Download Free Mini Golf – HTML5 Game Full Version

Mini Golf - HTML5 Game

Easy to play HTML5 mini golf game. Track your personal best score for each type of game (front nine, rear nine and full course (18 holes)). Comes with a guide for making levels to customize the course! Download Link Mini Golf – HTML5 Game =>DOWNLOAD HERE

Download Free Word Up! – HTML5 Word Game Full Version

Word Up! - HTML5 Word Game

Fun, fast and addictive word game. Click (or tap!) The letters to make words. Longer words give bonuses for word evaluation. Use golden letters in your words for even more bonuses. If you send a word that is not in the word list (in English), you will receive a time penalty. Track your personal best … Read more

Download Free Leaves Boy Full Version

Leaves Boy

Description Leaves boy is an addictive one-touch game with cool graphics.Make sure the boy avoids spikes and obstacles or takes the green power. Sound easy? Believe me it is not! You will swing in no time, but it takes super human reflexes to master it!Try to collect as many coins as possible. Sometimes you can … Read more