Download Free Error Code 404 Animated SVG Full Version

Error Code 404 Animated SVG

Description This is a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) animation created with the help of Dmitry Baranovsky Snap.svg JavaScript library. It begins with the international distress signal SOS in Morse code, which is three dots, three dashes, and three periods. The dashes then become periods. The group of nine dots draws the letters SOS, where two … Read more

Download Free 404 Page Editor for WordPress Full Version

404 Page Editor for WordPress

Tired of the 404 default pages for WordPress or WordPress themes / templates? Easily change the text on your 404 page. Fast loading of WordPress 404 template by default. You can also choose a 404 default template from one of the previous default WordPress themes. We will soon release custom templates suitable for SEO. It’s … Read more

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