Latest password for ZTE F660 / F609 Indihome modem

We know that indium It offers two types of modems to its customers Huawei and ZTE. Unfortunately, many Indihome users, especially modem users ZTE F609 or F660 Who complained about the password change by Telkom. So, this time the administrator will share a set of the latest usernames and passwords for the ZTE F660 / F609 modem.

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In fact, the reason why Telkom changed the username and password on ZTE and Huawei modems is because customers did not change some important settings from Telkom. Because if a customer, for example, makes a change by mistake, it may cause their Internet connection to fail or be unable to connect. Moreover, there are still many customers who are still unfamiliar with the configuration of modems.

Latest password for ZTE F660 / F609 modem

Make sure you are already on the ZTE modem login page by typing IP Gateway Modem into your web browser. ZTE modems mostly use many common IP addresses such as,, and but usually the default ZTE Gateway IP address is if you want Find out the IP address of Indihome WiFi Surely you can use the Windows Command Prompt.

Latest ZTE F660 passwords

Once you are in the ZTE modem login page, all you have to do is enter your username and password. In most cases, the default username and password for the ZTE F660 / F609 router are supervisor And the supervisor or user And the user. You can try to use this password to unlock your ZTE modem.

But in some cases, ZTE modem can use many different usernames and passwords, you can try the list of ZTE F660 / F6609 passwords given below:

user name password
supervisor zep2kjzol
supervisor [email protected]! e8ow & q # u
supervisor Telkomdso123
supervisor telkomjatineg4r4
supervisor Qc! 80ebor3# to #b
supervisor Yu9j #4qa! rth # y
supervisor [email protected]! nk9 #m
supervisor [email protected]! n03g4r6 # and
root supervisor
supervisor supervisor
user user
the support the support
the support your hand

Notes: Usernames and passwords are not always the same in every region and are subject to change at any time. Such changes may be made simultaneously and periodically by Telkom, without any prior notice to the Customer. So if you have tried the above list of usernames and passwords for ZTE F609/F660 modem and succeeded, please share it in the comments column below so that it can be used as references for other readers.

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