iTop Data Recovery, Lost Data Recovery Application

Data loss is a frightening spectrum for many people. We often experience the loss of important data that is needed to support work or other activities. Data loss can be caused by various things. Accidentally deleted by security issues such as viruses or poor storage quality.

However, with the advancement of technology, there are many things we can do to recover lost data. Many applications now offer solutions to restore lost data.

If you’re currently having problems with data loss, you don’t have to worry! Because you can use iTop Data Recovery software to recover lost data. This software can be used to restore lost data from storage media such as hard disks, SSDs, USB storage or the like.

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Why use iTop Data Recovery?

When choosing an app to use, it’s important to pay attention to what features the app has. The same goes for choosing an application to recover deleted data. There are many great features of iTop Data Recovery available that you can consider when using this software. Here are some features of iTop Data Recovery software:

  • It can recover over 1000 lost data file formats, including documents, images, videos, audio, and more.
  • It can recover data from PC and most external storage devices.
  • Simple and easy to use display.
  • Can be used for free.
  • The process of scanning and retrieving data is very fast.

Free iTop Data Recovery License Key

Below is a free iTop Data Recovery license key (Windows only). To use it, just copy and paste it into the program and click “Sign up„.

License information:


This key can activate up to 50 computers and supports 3 months of free use.

How to activate the iTop Data Recovery license key

How to activate the iTop Data Recovery license key
  1. First, download and install iTop Data Recovery on your Windows computer.
  2. Open the program. Then click the icon key.
  3. Copy and paste the license key.
  4. Then press “Sign up”To enable iTop Data Recovery.

How to use iTop Data Recovery

1. Download and install the application iTop Data Recovery usual.

2. Run the iTop Data Recovery application, then on the home page select the drive location in Scan locations where you lost the data and select the type of data file lost in the file File types. Then click the button SCAN.

iTop Data Recovery Main

3. Wait for the scan process to complete. It usually only takes a few minutes, depending on the storage conditions and the amount of data lost.

ITop Data Recovery Scan

4. After the scan process is complete, you will be shown what data was found. Select the files you want to recover. If so, click the button Recover.

Hasil Scanning iTop Data Recovery

5. Then iTop Data Recovery will recover the files you selected earlier.

Hasil Recovery iTop Data Recovery


iTop Data Recovery is a great software for recovering lost or deleted files. Besides this, data recovery software It also makes the recovery process very simple, just click a few clicks to recover the files.

In short, iTop Data Recovery is definitely the ideal choice for recovering deleted files, recovering lost data from malware or viruses, and recovering data from system crashes, hard drive formatting, or other improper operations that result in data loss.

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