How to split your PDF into multiple parts with the Chrome extension

If you’ve set up Google Chrome as your default web browser or are frequently using it, you might be happy to learn that there is an extension in the Chrome Web Store that allows you to easily split a pdf into multiple parts.

In short, a Google Chrome extension is a software program that adds new features to a user’s web browser and creates a personalized online experience based on one’s needs or preferences.

This extension is displayed as a toolbar icon in the upper right corner of a webpage in Google Chrome.

TIP: You can hide these icons by right-clicking one by one with your mouse or trackpad and selecting “Hide in the Chrome menu” from the list of options that appears.

We’ll guide you through some of the best free Chrome extensions that can split a pdf into sections.

TIP: If you want to uninstall or disable extensions, simply enter “chrome: // extensions /” in the address bar and click the “Delete” button for each extension you want to remove or move the slider next to each extension on the opposite side. direction to disable it.

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Split PDF

This Chrome extension provides a direct link to Zonepdf, where you can start uploading files to share without browsing the entire website. Zonepdf offers a similar Chrome extension for sharing PDF files.

The software itself is easy to use and does not damage or change the format of the document, so you don’t have to worry about a split product replacing the original.

But this version of Zonepdf only splits individual pages in a PDF document into a single file. You need to create a free account if you want to share more than two files at a time.

Start by dragging the file from your desktop or file folder and place it anywhere on the separate pdf home page. You can also click on the box “Click or Drag to select PDF file”To manually select and upload files from your computer.

Click the icon in the box “Click or Drag to split the pdf”To upload files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account. On the next webpage that appears, you can select multiple files to share by clicking the “Add more files„.

If you change your mind and do not want to share the file, click the checkbox next to the file name and press the “Remove“. Click the button”cleave”After you have set all your preferences.

You will be redirected to a new webpage, where you can click “Unload”To receive a copy of the file you just shared.

PDF Splitter

This Google Chrome extension makes it easy to manage your preferences for splitting a pdf file into sections by displaying the entire selection process on a single webpage.

Despite its simple appearance and excellent functionality, this software has some limitations.

For starters, PDF Splitter cannot work with password-protected files. While sharing a pdf allows you to choose a new file name for the newly split document or documents, there is a maximum limit of 20 characters for the file name.

Be sure to quickly download the newly shared file, as the link to the file expires one hour after the process is complete.

Start by dragging a file from your desktop or file folder and place it in “Put the files here“. You can also select the file you want to upload by pressing the”Click here to search for files„.

The name of the file you enter in the text box “Save that”Will be the title of the folder containing the individual files for each page in the document or page range saved as individual files. These shared preferences will be set in the next step.

Select the page or page range you want to extract from the document by entering this information in the text box “from“And”to“. If you want to save the selected page range as an individual file, enter the desired file name in the text field.”Save thatRepeat this step for other pages in your document by clicking “+ more„.

Click the checkbox “Extract all pages to a separate file”To save all pages in the document, separating individual pdfs. If you want to combine the selected page ranges into a single file, click the “Check” box.Merge page ranges into a single fileDo not click any of the checkboxes if you want to create separate files for all selected page ranges.

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Here’s how to split a pdf file into several parts using the Google Chrome extension. Now it’s time to try them all and decide which one works best for you.

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