How to share Steam games with other accounts

If you happen to play a great game on Steam, chances are that a friend or relative will usually ask you to let them play the game. Use only functions Steam Family Sharing for various games on Steam with them.

In this article, the administrator will discuss how to share Steam games with other accounts. With the features we mentioned above, your friends’ accounts can access your Stream Library and play the same games in your Library on their devices.

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How to share Steam games to another account

Your friends or relatives don’t have to spend money to buy the same game you have. The family library sharing feature will make it easier for them to play some games without having to pay.

But there is a warning. If you play a particular game at this time, they cannot access that game. They can only be played by family sharing after you (the original buyer / owner of the Game) have finished playing.

If you try to access the game while your friends are playing, they will be notified to buy the game or to stop playing it immediately. So they won’t be able to play any games in the shared library if the original buyer tries to play the game.

Before we explain this feature further, let’s first show how to share Steam games to other accounts.

Step 1 – Enable Steam Guard security

Before sharing the game with close friends or relatives, you must first make sure that the Steam Guard security feature is turned on. You can check if this feature is enabled by following these steps:

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Log in to your Steam account. Go to Steam> Settings. Once in the Settings window, select the “Account“Then find and click on the”Manage your Steam Guard account securityThen make sure you turn it on. See the image below.

Steam Guard security

Stage 2 – Authorize Steam Family Sharing for PC Untuk

Once Steam Guard is enabled, the next step is to authorize your family member’s account. This step is required to allow game sharing. Follow the steps below to do this:

Go to the section Steam> Settingsselect tab “Family“. Once you enter the Family tab, search for”Family library sharing“. Under this section, you’ll see a checkbox labeled”Allow library sharing on this computer, select it. At this stage, you will see a list of users who may be allowed to share the game. Select the user you want to share on that computer. After selecting the user, click K.

Steam Family Sharing

Step 3 – Request access to share the game

These steps are required by users who want to play games that have been shared. Make sure the person requesting the game is logged in to their Steam account and has Steam Guard enabled, just like the steps above.

Once completed, if the authorization process works, they will see a list of games in their library that have been added from the Steam sharing account. Choose a new game and click on “PlayThey will be greeted with a pop-up window that will look something like this:

Request Steam access

Steam will then ask them to “Request access” or “Buy the gameIn this scenario, make sure they choose Request access.

Request Steam-2 access

Once they request access, Steam will ask them to confirm their PC name and submit the request. Please confirm your computer name and click “send a request„.

Request Steam-3 access

Clicking send a request, will automatically send an email to your Steam sharing account, asking your permission to play the game. As a reseller, you must accept the request by email. Once accepted, you have given them permission to use and share the game, the process is complete.

The benefits of Steam Family Sharing features

There are many very striking benefits of the Steam family sharing feature. The most obvious is the ability to share the game with friends or relatives without having to buy the game yourself. You can also share up to 10 devices at a time. It’s also a great way to reuse some of your old, depreciated games.

Limitations of Steam Family Sharing

You should be aware that the Steam family sharing feature itself has several limitations. First, you can only share up to five different computers and ten users. This is the maximum number of users that Steam allows. Second, and more importantly, only one person can play the shared game at a time. So you can’t play shared games at the same time.


Here’s how to share Steam games with other accounts using Family Sharing. Now your friends or relatives can enjoy the same game as you without paying for it. I hope this guide has helped you understand the process of sharing games on Steam.

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