How to deal with and overcome NetCut with MikroTik

Securing your home internet is important. This step must be taken to avoid harmful activities, such as using applications NetCut to steal someone’s bandwidth. In this article, we will learn how to prevent and overcome NetCut with MikroTik.

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What is Netcut?

NetCut is a network management application or tool created by Ark in 2001. Arcai itself is a community that has been actively developing various types of applications since 1999. This application was launched by Arcai by exploiting the weakness of the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP).

NetCut is actually a useful application. Using NetCut, you can manage your internet network. This application can be used to limit and even interrupt the internet connection of a computer or smartphone in the network.

But unfortunately, NetCut does not require its users to have administrator access. A regular user can use NetCut and act as a network administrator, such as disconnecting client networks that are connected to a LAN.

Many people use this application because they want to get high speed bandwidth. But you don’t have to worry about the MikroTik router having a way to get past NetCut.

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How to overcome NetCut with MikroTik

In the example here, the administrator will build a wireless network that will be secure by NetCut.

1. The first step is to create an IP address for the wireless interface, you can go to the menu IP> Addresses then click the button +.

Create the Wlan IP address on MikroTik

2. Then we create a DHCP server on the menu interface IP> DHCP Server then click the tab DHCP configuration.

Creating the Wlan DHCP server on MikroTik

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3. Next we will enable the ARP feature on the DHCP server we created. Go to menu IP> DHCP Server then click the tab DHCPthen double-click the server you created, then click Add ARP for leasing check the box.

Configure Wlan DHCP server on MikroTik

4. After that, go to the menu Interface then select the wireless interface, then click the tab Generalthen set up in section ARP gets Just answer.

Configuring the WLAN interface on MikroTik

5. The next step is to return to the menu IP> DHCP Server then click the tab networkingthen double-click the DHCP network you created, then edit it in section Net mask gets 32.

Configure Wlan DHCP network on MikroTik

6. Finally, check your wireless network using the NetCut application.


Here’s how to prevent and overcome NetCut with MikroTik. This way, your network will be protected from NetCut attacks, if you want to be even more secure we can ping packets on the router, because NetCut uses the ICMP protocol.

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