How to Create a Manual DHCP Server on MikroTik

We know for sure DHCP Server It is a protocol that provides a response to requests sent by DHCP clients. A DHCP server is also used to facilitate the assignment of IP addresses in the network. If there is a network do not use DHCP, Then we have to manually assign IP addresses to all computers. MikroTik also has a DHCP Server feature that we can configure manually or automatically. next method Manual DHCP Server Creation on MikroTik.

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Manual DHCP Server

1. First we enter the menu IP > pool Then click the icon “Add”.

MikroTik IP Pool قائمة List

2. Then we give a name to the IP pool, then in “Tabuk We enter the IP range or IP limit. then press “yes”

MikroTik IP Pool List Contents

3. Next we create a DHCP network. By entering the menu IP> DHCP Server Then go to the tab “network” and click “Add”.

Network List DHCP Server MikroTik

4. Then we fill in the section Tabuk with IP network and “Gate” With MikroTik ether IP which we will use as DHCP, “Netmasks” We modify it to the IP class used, then in DNS servers can use google ip dns, then click “yes”.

Table of Contents DHCP Server MikroTik Networks

5. Next we will create a DHCP server. Enter the menu IP> DHCP Server Then go to the tab “DHCP” and click the icon “Add”.

MikroTik DHCP Server List

6. Then we give a name to the DHCP server in the section “Noun”and then “facades” Fill it with ether we will create for DHCP, then in a file “Rental Term” We define how long a client can use their DHCP, and then “address pools” Enter the IP pool we created earlier. Then don’t forget to check the section Always Broadcast and on “Use RADIUS” we choose “yes”and then “yes”.

MikroTik DHCP Server Manual List Contents

7. The DHCP server is ready for us to use, if a client is using DHCP, the state of the client can be seen in the leases. There is information about clients using DHCP, besides titles used on the list “IP Pools” It will also increase since there is only one client using DHCP.


So creating a DHCP server manually on MikroTik is very easy, in fact another easier way is to use the DHCP setting in the menu IP > DHCPMikroTik will automatically provide a configuration order to create a DHCP server.

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