How to connect 2 MikroTik wireless routers

Wireless is really necessary when we can’t reach a wired connection. Wireless itself is an open network, so we can try to access the network without being physically constrained. MikroTik has wireless features that we can use. Then how to wirelessly connect 2 MikroTik routers?

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Connect 2 MikroTik wireless routers

Now we will try to connect 2 routers or commonly called point to point with wireless, for this we need to know if our router has a wireless feature, we can check it in the third digit of our router, for example here I use RB941-2nD and there is a wireless interface.

Please note that to connect 2 MikroTik wireless routers, we need 2 wireless modes. 1 mod router AP-Bridge which is used as an access point or transmitter that can serve many customers or also called PTMP (Point To Multi Point) and 1 router back in mode Station which is used as a wireless client / receiver in a PTP (Point To Point) or PTMP (Point To Multi Point) topology. Okay, let’s move on to the setup step.

1. First we set the IP on the wireless interface first in the menu IP> Addresses then click the button +.

Configure Wlan IP interfaces

2. After configuring IP on both routers. Then we go to the menu Wireless then select the tab Security profiles to create a password. Create security profiles on both routers.

Wireless security profile

3. Then go to the menu INTERFACE then double-click the interface wlan his. Then go to the tab Wireless.

4. Then configure on Router 1:

Configasi wlan Router1 interface
  • Mod: AP Bridge
  • Band: 2 Ghz B / g / n
  • SSID: Microtik_Wireless
  • Security profile: PasswordWireless

5. Then configure in Router2:

Configure Wlan Router2 Interface
  • Mode: station
  • Band: 2 Ghz B / g / n
  • SSID: Microtik_Wireless
  • Security profile: PasswordWireless

6. Finally, do the testing phase by alternately pinging both routers.

Performing the MikroTik connection test


This is how 2 MikroTik routers connect wirelessly, as I mentioned earlier, we need 2 wireless modes, namely AP-Bridge and Station.

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