Get to know the MikroTik routing feature

When setting up a static route, we are usually allowed to choose the type of routing that will be used on the static route. This routing type parameter is a routing parameter that can be used for network security needs. Let’s look at the function of the MikroTik Routing Type.

MikroTik routing type

Winbox MikroTik routing type

As we know earlier, Routing Type is a routing feature that can be used for network security needs. We can set it to the parameter Type. Static routes have 4 types of routing type, namely:

  • Unicast
  • Black hole
  • Prohibit
  • Untouchable

1. Unicast

Unicast is the default Yype MikroTik route, which is usually used when setting up static routes or you could say the default routing type.

2. black hole

Blackhole is a type of routing that is usually used to do blocking, this type of routing can do blocking in secret.

3. Prohibit

Prohibition is also included in the Routing Type, which can be used to perform Blocking. When you block using the Forbidden Routing Type, it will send an “Administratively Forbidden Communication” error message.

4. Inaccessible

Inaccessible is also included in the Routing Type that works for Blocking, when Blocking using Inaccessible Routing Type will send an “Inaccessible Host” error message.

Case example

Routing type

You can see in the topology image above, MikroTik Router1 has an IP of and Router2 has an IP of, then the two routers perform a static routing process using the network. If you don’t know how to set up static routing on MikroTik, don’t worry, you can read the previous article on How to configure static routing for 2 MikroTik routers.

After performing the static routing process on the MikroTik router. Here we will try to create a filter using Routing Type to block one of the IP client PCs from MikroTik Router2.

[[email protected]] > ip route add dst-address= type=blackhole
Blackhole routing type
[[email protected]] > Ip route add dst-address= type=prohibit
Prohibit routing type
[[email protected]] > Ip route add dst-address= type=unreachable
Inaccessible routing type

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