Easy! Tips for recovering deleted files from Flashdisk

Everyone must have experienced an incident where the USB files are deleted. Whether it is intentional or caused by other things, such as the flash drive is damaged. If your files are lost due to a corrupt USB, don’t worry! Here the administrator will tell you how to easily restore deleted files from flash.

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Why can files be suddenly deleted from a flash disk?

In fact, there are several things that cause flash files to disappear or be suddenly deleted. Here are some of these:

  • Flash cannot be read due to various ports.
  • “Unformatted disk” error.
  • The flash is not detected by Windows, which may be due to the fact that the flash is indeed damaged.

How to restore deleted files from a flash disk without an application

If you have deleted files from the flash drive, don’t worry! Here’s how to recover lost flash data.

1. Recover deleted CMD files

This first method is quite easy, as you do not need to install any software. All you have to do is use the default Windows tool, CMD.

What is CMD? In simple terms, CMD or Prompt order is an integral part of Windows where we can “give” commands to our computer to do something with various texts.

Not everyone can use the CMD language because we have to learn it first. But for this article, the administrator will give a command that can be used to restore deleted files from the flash drive. Here’s how:

Recover deleted CMD files
  1. Connect the flash drive to the computer.
  2. Open Windows Start and then type “cmd”In the search bar.
  3. The press “enter“And CMD will appear on the screen.
  4. On the CMD screen, type “chkdsk X: / f“without quotes. Make sure X replaced with USB drive.
  5. When Windows has finished scanning, type „ATTRIB -H -R -S / S /DX:.*.*”And wait for the process to end.
  6. If you are successful, you will see a new folder on USB containing the files that were lost earlier.

2. Restore deleted files with previous flash drive versions

If you are unable to restore the lost CMD file, you can try to recover it with the previous version of the flash.

Yes, Windows now has a feature that allows you to restore an earlier version of a USB drive. But, you can only do this trick if you have this feature enabled.

Recover deleted files with previous flash drive versions

If you’ve enabled this feature before, congratulations! You can use it. Here’s how to use this unique Windows feature:

  1. Connect the USB to the computer.
  2. In Windows Start, type “This pc“Then enter.
  3. Find the USB drive, then right-click the drive.
  4. Select “Properties> Earlier versions“To see all the versions you can undo.
  5. Select the desired version, then press “Restore”To bring everything back.

If you do not see the previous version, it means that you have not activated this function, so you cannot use it.

3. Recover deleted files using Windows backups

If both methods fail, don’t give up! There is another third way, which is to restore files through Windows backup. This trick is especially for those who have already backed up Windows.

Recover deleted files using Windows backups

Want to know how to recover lost flash data using this method? Here’s how:

  1. Go to “Control panel> System and maintenance„.
  2. In System Maintenance, search for “Backup and restore„.
  3. Click on “Restore my files„.
  4. Select “Search for files”(Or folder, depending on your choice) to view previous backups.
  5. When copying, make sure you choose the option that suits your needs (Copy and Replace, Copy, Keep both files).
  6. Or you can restore the file to another location to prevent the option from appearing.
  7. Wait for the restore process to complete. If you are lucky, the file you are looking for is in the file that was restored.

How to restore deleted files from Flashdisk using 4DDiG data recovery software

If all of these methods fail, it’s time to look for third-party software to help you recover your lost files. If you want to restore deleted files from a flash drive, you can try 4DDiG data recovery software.

4DDiG data recovery software is famous for success rate Data recovery is quite high, so you don’t have to worry that lost flash data recovery will fail. In addition, you can try to recover files not only from USB, but also from SD card and other external memory.

Here’s how to restore deleted files from a flash drive with 4DDiG data recovery Software:

install the software

1. Install the software and select the USB drive you want to recover.

select the file

2. Select the desired file type, and then let the software scan the USB to get the selected file type. Or you can scan all types of files according to the example above.

detailed scan

3. Downloadable files will appear in the software. If you can still find it, do it Detailed scan. Then check the files you want to save.

select the location

4. Select the location you want, then tap “Good“To complete the data recovery process. Easy, isn’t it?

Why use 4DDiG data recovery software?

Although there are various ways to recover lost flash data, not all files are returned at will. Sometimes the files that are returned are older versions that we no longer need.

Meanwhile, recovery software, such as 4DDiG Data Recovery Software, retrieves old files and make sure the file has been updated to the latest version that was deleted. Cool, isn’t it?

How to avoid losing data on a flash drive

If you do not want this incident to happen again, it is best to follow these tips to avoid it data loss:

  • Frequent backups – Make sure you enable the backup option regularly so that you can have a backup in case your files are lost.
  • Neat flash data – tag each time on the flash so that you remember to save the document in the correct flash.
  • Store in a safe place – Store in a cool, dry place so that the flash is not damaged.


Losing files on a flash drive is annoying, and we certainly don’t all want to feel that way. But if it has already happened, don’t worry. There are many ways to get the file missing earlier. Of course, assuming the restoration process is a success.

If you want to successfully restore deleted files from your flash drive, your administrator recommends that you use software such as 4DDiG Data Recovery Software, which can quickly restore any file. and give the file an update. Sophisticated, right? If so, don’t hesitate and buy 4DDiG data recovery software right now!

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