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Internet Download Manager (IDM) is the most requested application for those who want to know how to increase the speed of downloading files from the Internet. IDM can increase download speeds up to 5 times, with additional features that will make your download activities easier. This software is not free and can run for about 30 days in the trial period, after which we have to purchase a serial number and register IDM. But take it easy with IDM Trial Reset tool, you can return your IDM trial period to its original state.

IDM is supported by resume feature, which is to re-download files that were previously disconnected due to technical or non-technical issues. IDM also has the advantage of fast downloading with auto file segmentation skills and it is backed by secure technology.

This software has better skills than similar software currently available, because of the features it has in splitting the downloaded data into a number of separate parts to be rounded up again after the download is complete. This process is called multipart.

However, IDM differs from similar equipment because this multi-part process takes place simultaneously and the speed is up to 500% better or five times as seen by the IDM maker.

IDM can split a file during the download process of up to seven to eight or more items. The downloaded file or file is then processed and divided into eight parts by IDM, that is, by dividing the speed of the same size for each part.

However, if the above parts encounter hurdles in the download process, the speed on the other parts will be used to help the slower part.

How to install IDM Experience Reset

  1. Make sure to download and install the app IDM.
  2. Download IDM Trial Reset Tool
  3. Extract the previously downloaded IDM Trial Reset Tool file.
  4. Run the exe file Trial reset IDM To enjoy unlimited IDM app experience
  5. he did

IDM Reset Trial Download Link

Downloads: google drive | mediafire | Zippyshare



Notes: The administrator will update the IDM Trial Reset Tool download link if there is an update. If there is a problem with the download link, please submit it in the comments column below so that it will be fixed immediately.

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