Download the latest Bluestacks PC offline installer

Download the latest Bluestacks for PC via the link provided by your administrator. As we know, BlueStacks was developed in 2011, its main purpose is to expand the boundaries of the game. Because most popular games at the time could only be played on smartphones.

Before downloading Bluestacks, you need to know some information about the features available in Bluestacks beforehand.

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What is BlueStacks?

BlueStacks is one of the most popular Android emulators available for Windows and Mac. This application allows you to play Android games and applications through a computer device. The BlueStacks user interface looks very similar to Android, but it doesn’t look like a phone screen, allowing you to enjoy games and applications on a big screen.

BlueStacks is available for free and you can use it to play desktop games. The good thing about BlueStacks is that it can run almost any Android application and game. You won’t believe it, but BlueStack is now compatible with almost 97% of the apps available on the Google Play Store.

BlueStacks feature

  1. Control game – With BlueStacks, playing Android games on PC has become much easier. BlueStacks gives you an amazing gaming experience with mouse and keyboard support. Allows you to play games with presets and customize them.
  2. Shooting mode – Shooting mode is a game function designed to improve your aiming and reaction time with the keyboard and mouse. Triggering the shooting mode is quite easy, just press the F1 key to aim and shoot with the mouse.
  3. MOBA module – BlueStacks also has a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) mode that allows you to play MOBA games like a pro. This handy mode allows you to fully control the character of the game using the mouse.
  4. Multi-instance – With BlueStacks, you can even play the same game from different accounts at the same time. The Multi-Instance feature allows you to run multiple instances of an application / game at the same time.
  5. High FPS – Although the overall FPS depends on your computer’s specifications, BlueStack has features that allow for high frame rates. This feature basically allows its users to minimize / maximize the game’s FPS.
  6. scenario – With BlueStacks, you can even create and run “Scripts” to automate a series of repetitive actions. You can use any script to automate tedious tasks. There are many BlueStack game scripts available on the web.

The advantages of BlueStacks

Wondering what are the benefits of Bluestacks that can be considered when using the software? Here are some of them.

1. Intuitive control

Running Android applications on Windows devices usually has some limitations. For example, tap or click a specific area on the screen that is hard to reach. However, BlueStacks has an intuitive interface so users can feel comfortable using a gaming keyboard and mouse as well as a computer in general.

This software also has a default control scheme specific to each category of applications with the same control system as if the application were running on an Android device. In fact, its users can create their own control schemes and assign keys to each function.

2. Ability to multitask

Sometimes you need to test whether the developing application can run multitasking. For this purpose, Bluestacks adds a multitasking feature so that users can test it with the BlueStacks Multi-instance feature. BlueStacks provides full control and allows users to switch between applications on their computer.

3. Mod Eco

One of the great features of BlueStacks is the eco mode which is supposed to reduce GPU usage. Once activated, there is an 87% decrease in CPU usage and up to 97% decrease in GPU usage. This mode completely gives its users the freedom to optimize resource consumption at individual BlueStacks instant rates through Multi-instant Manager.

You can also customize changes such as minimizing the FPS and turning the sound on / off. The lower the FPS, the lower the consumption of system resources used.

BlueStacks PC system requirements

Before you begin downloading the latest BlueStacks offline installer, make sure that your device meets the minimum system requirements. So what does it take to run Android apps on BlueStacks? Reporting from its official website, BlueStacks claims that its software does not require high computer specifications.

Here are the minimum specifications required to run BlueStacks smoothly.

  • BONE: Microsoft Windows 7 and the new generation
  • CPU: Intel or AMD processor
  • Ram: PC with at least 2 GB of RAM (note that having 2 GB or more of disk space does not replace RAM)
  • HDD: Free disk space of 5 GB
  • the latest graphics driver from Microsoft or vendor chipset

In the meantime, the recommended specifications for running BlueStacks are as follows:

  • BONE: Microsoft Windows 10
  • CPU: Intel or AMD Multi-Core with a single thread PassMark score over 1000 and BIOS-enabled virtualization extension
  • GPU: Intel / Nvidia / ATI, integrated or discrete controller with PassMark score of 750 or higher
  • Ram: 8 GB or larger
  • HDD: SSD (Fusion / Hybrid Drive)
  • Internet: connection broadband to access games, accounts and associated content.
  • the latest graphics driver from Microsoft or vendor chipset.

The latest BlueStacks computer download link

BlueStacks is a free Android emulator for Windows and MAC. It can be downloaded for free from the official Bluestacks website. In any case, official website offers only an online installer that requires internet connectivity to download. If you want to install BlueStacks offline, you must use the offline BlueStacks installer.

If you want to install BlueStacks on multiple systems, the best way is to download BlueStacks Offline Installer. Below, the administrator has provided a download link for BlueStacks Offline Installer.

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To install BlueStacks Offline Installer

  • First, make sure you’ve successfully downloaded the latest BlueStacks offline installer.
  • Then extract the file.
  • Run the BlueStacks offline installation file and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  • Once installed, run the app on your computer and play Android apps and games.

Notes: Your administrator will update the latest Bluestacks download link for this computer if there is an update. If there is a problem with the download link, please post it in the comments column below so that it can be fixed immediately.

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