Download the latest and free Rufus Portable 2022

It is very difficult to find CD / DVD rom nowadays, most people prefer to use the bootable USB drive instead of CD / DVD to install the operating system or software. With Windows, there are many applications that can help you create a bootable USB. Even Microsoft has its own tools.

Of all the tools available, Rufus is one of the best free and open source applications. In fact, Rufus is one of the few essential tools that every Windows user should have. In this article, the administrator will distribute the latest portable rufus download link.

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What is Rufus?

Rufus is an application created by Pete Badard of Akeo Consulting in 2011. This application is licensed under the GNU GPL version 3, so users can use it for free. Even users can edit and redistribute the results of these changes.

This application has a very small size, which is less than 2MB, so it will not consume the capacity of the user’s flash disk. Not only that, rufus is also available in a portable version, so you can use it directly without installing it first.

Rufus can be used to create bootable USBs for different types of operating systems. Some of the popular operating systems it supports include Windows and Linux. There is also a FreeDOS option in Rufus, so you can boot into DOS (Disk Operating System) mode.

As we know, DOS mode is very useful for many things, one of which is updating the BIOS. Many people like this Rufus app because of its various interesting features. In addition, this application can run twice as fast as other similar applications, such as WiNToBootic, Universal USB Installer, Unetbootin, and RMPrepUSB.

Rufus’ function

As previously explained, Rufus is an application that is used to make a bootable flask disk. However, there are several features of Rufus that you can find on the official website, here are some of them.

  • As a USB installation medium from ISO. (Windows, Linux, UEFI, etc.)
  • It has a low-level utility that can be used to perform harmless formatting of storage media.
  • Active on systems that do not have the operating system installed.
  • Flashing BIOS or other DOS firmware.

The main features of Rufus

  • Totally free and small file size.
  • There is a portable version, so users do not need to install it.
  • Format Download Universal Disc File System (UDF).
  • Supports image file formats, such as MS-DOS, FreeDOS, ISO image, DD image, etc.
  • Supports UEFI boot partition schema for BIOS or MBR.
  • Supports MBFI or GPT boot partition scheme for UEFI.
  • Multilingual user interface.

Rufus system requirements

Before you start downloading the latest portable Rufus, make sure that the computer or laptop you are using meets the system requirements.

  • Windows 7 operating system (32 or 64 bit).
  • Windows or Linux ISO files.
  • USB flash drive with a minimum capacity of 4 Gb (depending on the size of the ISO file).

Download Rufus Portable

Because it has become a popular application and is widely used by many people to convert USB flash drives to reusable DVDs, Rufus is now available in several languages, one of which is Indonesian.

Although there are plenty of other applications that can do the same, Rufus is much faster. In addition, it is more reliable and efficient. And over time, this application will be continuously improved and developed, with new features and functions introduced all the time.

But before you can use Rufus, you must prepare a computer with sufficient specifications to create a bootable flash with minimal specifications using the Windows 7 operating system. The latest and free download link for Rufus Portable is available below:

Download Rufus Portable

Frequently Asked Questions Rufus

Is Rufus safe?

Yes, Rufus is 100% safe to use. This is a legitimate application that does not contain ads, banners, third party offers, or any other type of adware or malware. It is 100% free to use for personal and commercial purposes. And there are no hidden costs.

What is the latest version of Rufus?

For now, the latest version of Rufus is 3.18 and was released on March 11, 2022. Rufus does not bring any new features, but it comes with some improvements and bug fixes.

How to burn ISO on USB with Rufus?

In the Rufus main window, set Device to your pen drive and Startup selection on the disc or on the ISO image. Then click SELECTNavigate to the ISO image that contains the operating system, then click START. USB bootable will be created quickly.

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