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WordPress Word Informer

Custom metabox to help you define the definition of a word of your choice. Writing content is not an easy task. It takes a lot of work and planning. When writing technical content, it is always difficult to convey that content to the audience in a way that they understand it correctly. To facilitate the author of the content and their audience. We created this little plugin to make your day.

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custom metabox

definition of the word

Plug-in features:

  • Choice of words:
    You don’t have to write a word, the plugin downloads the words from the post, you just have to select it.

  • Some words:
    With this plugin you can write the definition in a few words. In fact, there should be no restrictions on how you express yourself.

  • Save time:
    Because the plugin captures all the words in the post, you can save a lot of time.

  • SEO reliability:
    It increases trust in SEO, keyword rankings and increases organic discovery and high quality website traffic.

  • Zero configuration:
    Install. Define words with definitions. You did it!

  • Documentation and support:
    Well documented and commented files. You do not need enough technical knowledge to set up and configure this plugin. An easy-to-use guide with clear instructions can help you integrate this plug-in step by step, in addition to a first-class customer service team, always responsive and available to help you with any problems.

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