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Xero is online accounting software that helps small businesses easily manage sales, invoices, payments, etc. The WooCommerce Xero plugin helps you integrate your WooCommerce store with your Xero account. It automatically creates invoices for your WooCommerce sales at Xero and sends data on product, delivery, discounts and taxes to zero. You can send your sales invoices to Xero manually or automatically when the order is placed.

Key Features of WooCommerce Xero Integration Plugin

  • Compatible with Xero Oath 2.0
  • Integrate your Xero account with WooCommerce
  • Automatically create invoices for WooCommerce sales at Xero
  • Send product details, shipping, discounts, and taxes to Xero
  • Automatically or manually send invoices from WooCommerce to Xero
  • Sync payment methods for each invoice
  • Synchronization of tax methods for purchased products

Automatically create invoices in Xero

The WooCommerce Xero plugin helps you create Xero invoices automatically. When an order is placed in your e-shop, the invoice will be created in Xero immediately.

woocommerce xero plugin - Create invoice

Send various order details to Xero

The WooCommerce Xero integration plugin sends various types of details to invoices, such as customer, product, delivery, discount and tax.

woocommerce xero plugin - Sends data

Manually send WooCommerce invoices to Xero

You can also send WooCommerce invoices to Xero manually using the WooCommerce Xero plugin.

woocommerce xero plugin - Manually create invoices

How to set up Xero in your WooCommerce Store – a step-by-step guide

1. Create an Xero account and log in

woocommerce xero plugin - create an account

2. Add your organization to Xero

woocommerce xero plugin - add organization
woocommerce xero plugin - add organization details

3. Generate a public and private key pair by following the instructions here

woocommerce xero plugin - create a key pair

4. Go to and create a new application in Xero

woocommerce xero plugin - create an application

5. Make a public or private application and provide the necessary details and upload the generated file with a pair of public keys.

woocommerce xero plugin - application details

6. It will generate a user key and a user secret key.

woocommerce xero plugin - generated keys

7. Now copy the keys and place them on the back of your WooCommerce store in the Xero plugin. And upload the generated public key pair file here and save the settings.

woocommerce xero plugin - paste code

Version 1.0.4
Minor Warning Issue Resolved
Version 1.0.3
Minor issue fix
Version 1.0.2
1- Fixed address issue
2- Fixed item code issue
3- Fixed shipping details with order
Version 1.0.1
Compatible with Xero Oath 2.0
Version 1.0.0
Initial Release

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