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Creator of coupons and vouchers on WooCommerce The plugin allows you to offer coupons and gift vouchers to visitors of your online store to encourage them for their next visit.

People are always looking for ways to spend wisely. Most customers are looking for a Coupon before visiting a retailer because everyone wants to save money. WooCommerce Creator of coupons and vouchers The plugin provides the opportunity to save a few dollars, which leads to more sales for your online business

Creator of coupons for WooCommerce allows you to create the deal you want, gift cards, e-cards, promo codes, coupons, discount cards and voucher design for your online store. This plugin allows your customers to send these coupons to anyone and they will apply the coupon code at the time of payment to receive their discount.

The main functions

Creator of vouchers for WooCommerce the plugin is rich in features and easy to use. Let’s look at the features and functionality of the plugin.

  • Modern interface for creating vouchers, gift cards, promo codes, discount cards and coupons.
  • You can easily create different types of attractive and captivating voucher templates using Canvas.
  • Creator of vouchers for WooCommerce allows you to set the minimum and maximum coupon amount.
  • Creator of coupons for WooCommerce helps you raise awareness of your brand and company revenue by adding logos and company images to the voucher.
  • By selecting the EXPIRY DATE, the administrator can easily set how many days the coupon will be valid from the creation.
  • The user can easily add the amount of the WooCommerce coupon to their vouchers or gift cards.
  • You can set the currency of the voucher according to your requirements.
  • The administrator can set a successful payment page.
  • Creator of WordPress vouchers and coupons The plugin allows you to preview the live party while you do it.
  • The administrator can use the short code of this plugin to display gift cards in their posts or pages at the front.
  • This plugin allows you to download the PNG form of the voucher.
  • Paypal Sandbox for testing payments
  • The administrator can add an email address that will send or receive vouchers purchased from each user.
  • The administrator can easily customize the content of the sender’s or recipient’s email.

How it works?

WooCommerce Creator of coupons and vouchers The plugin is the best way to create your own template instead of using images. After creating a coupon or voucher template, you need to add a new coupon or voucher and set the price, expiration date, select a template, select a WooCommerce coupon, and select the fields on the voucher form. Then all you have to do is put the short voucher codes in each post or page you want. You can set a minimum and maximum amount for a coupon or voucher.

Cases of use

  • Give your loved ones a dinner party at their favorite restaurant
  • Give your customers who make a purchase a discount coupon for their next visit
  • Give e-commerce coupons available online so you can buy your dream product wherever you are.
  • Most store owners give coupons so that their customers are attracted to visit the store more often and buy more items. Because stores that do not offer any coupons, consumers are likely to move or go to similar stores that offer coupons or discounts.
  • Store owners use coupons because their coupons can include the company name, brand logo, address, and other vital information that customers need to know. In this way, their business will be recognized with discounts or free of charge, which will certainly attract more customers and sales.

Change log files

1.0.0 – July 17, 2021

- initial release

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