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WhatsApp chat support and all in one

Social chat support plugin that provides a quick and easy way to interact with your customers. This plugin will allow your customers to contact your support team directly.

In addition to providing support with your website, you can support with Whatsapp chat supportMessenger, Skype, Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and other accounts.

This jQuery WhatsApp plugin shows a list of WhatsApp accounts on your site, which will take your client to if it is on a desktop computer, or will open the WhatsApp application if it is on a mobile phone.

Unlimited social accounts

WhatsApp chat support

Various and custom buttons

WhatsApp chat support

Other possibilities

WhatsApp chat support


  • Unlimited social accounts
  • Very easy to set up and use
  • Fully customized colors and options
  • Single and multiple accounts
  • Indicate availability over time
  • Bootstrap 4 Framwork
  • Cookie support
  • Clean design and code
  • Cross browser support
  • Availability in your customer’s time zone
  • Documentation included
  • 100% responsive design
  • Free support

Loans and resources:

  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Great font
  • Moment JS
  • jQuery cookie

Questions and support:

If you have any questions about this plugin, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] or through our czmMedia contact form page for more information.

Best Regards

Diary of changes

April 14, 2021 – Version 3.0

- New: Page view has been completely renewed
- New: All widgets have been added to individual pages
- New: Copy and paste codes have been added to the pages of all widgets
- New: Single accounts added

- Edit: Documentation has been renewed

- Fixed: Some JavaScript bugs
- Fixed: Some CSS bugs

March 20, 2021 – Version 2.1

- Fixed: Some CSS bugs
- Fixed: Some JavaScript bugs

July 23, 2020 – Version 2.0

- Added: Code Generator
- Added: 15 different popup effects
- Added: 7 different button effects

- Updated: Popup styles
- Updated: Button styles
- Updated: All JavaScript codes are minimized

April 17, 2020 – Version 1.1

- Added: Sample links have been added to all buttons

- Fixed: Button, speech bubble, popup page alignment bug

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