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vote 5 Description

IN vote 5 the plugin allows users to vote for posts and administrators to manage votes, ban / ban IP addresses and search / filter votes. The plugin logger displays a table of pages with attached posts, IP addresses, and voting time. The administrator can change the votes and see which posts have changed. All votes are stored as custom values.

vote 5 Security

User votes are saved in both the plugin database and the custom meta values ​​database. All posts have a personalized key attached to them, containing the current value of votes. Users behind web proxies or missing HTTP referents will be blocked and votes will not be recorded. All voices use IP checks and cookies.

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= 4.2.4 =
* FEATURE: Added [vote5-button] shortcode
* UPDATE: Improved admin UI
* UPDATE: Improved performance by enqueuing assets only when the button is visible
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
* UPDATE: Updated PHP compatibility to 7+
* UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome to 5.15.3

= 4.2.3 =
* FIX: Fixed issue with PHP 8 unsupported operand types: string + int
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
* UPDATE: Updated PHP compatibility
* UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome to 5.15.2

= 4.2.2 =
* FIX: Refactored comparisons for better performance
* FEATURE: Added messages for successful and restricted votes
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
* UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome to 5.1.0

= 4.2.1 =
* UPDATE: Added vote count shortcode
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility

= 4.2.0 =
* UPDATE: Updated AJAX function for WordPress 4.7 compatibility
* UPDATE: Performance updates
* UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome to 4.7.0
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress version requirement
* UPDATE: Updated CSS styles to target all button variants

= 4.1.0 =
* UPDATE: Refactored Google chart code according to latest update
* UPDATE: Moved and localized JS file for WordPress script enqueue compliance
* UPDATE: UI tweaks
* FEATURE: The manual template function now obeys the CPT/category conditions

= 4.0.2 =
* UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome to 4.6.3
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress compatibility
* UPDATE: Updated WordPress version requirement
* UPDATE: Replaced browser detection with WordPress native detection

= 4.0.1 =
* UPDATE: Updated FontAwesome to 4.6.1
* FIX: Fixed search to work with InnoDB (removed FULLTEXT)
* UI: UI updates to forum adding/editing
* UI: Removed old icon

= 4.0.0 =
* UPDATE: Updated versioning scheme to x.y.z
* UPDATE: Updated compatibility with WordPress 4.3+
* UPDATE: Added dismissable notices
* UPDATE: Added Edge detection in Browser.php
* UPDATE: Cleaned up settings and options
* UPDATE: Init optimization
* UPDATE: Updated copyright, dates, readme.txt, links and help panels
* UPDATE: Simplified button styling
* UPDATE: Added FontAwesome button icon

= 3.1.0 =
* FIX: Removed a call to a missing function
* FIX: Removed get_browser() references, as browscap.ini is not available on all servers
* FIX: Removed an uncommented function (generating errors)
* FIX: Added error suppression to gethostbyaddr()

= 3.0.1 =
* Major overhaul
* Fixed deprecated database queries
* Fixed redundant filter panel
* Added AJAX delete/ban vote actions

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