Download Free VenScrollBar – A jQuery Scrollbar Plugin Full Version

VenScrollBar is a jQuery plugin that allows web designers to replace the ugly default OS scroll bar with custom ones that they create. All themes and customizations are done via CSS and VenScrollBar API. The generated scroll bar fully realizes the functionality of a simple scroll bar, and offers some additional features such as automatic hiding and smooth scrolling. This plugin is compatible with all major browsers: IE7 +, FF3.5 +, Opera10 +, Chrome5 + and Safari4 +.

Please note: only vertical scrolling is currently supported.

If you like this plugin, please rate it five stars! If you think it doesn’t deserve five stars, please explain why in the comments so I can improve it. If you make a mistake, please don’t forget to tell me about it, otherwise it may not be corrected. Finally, I’m always open to new features, so talk!  :)

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