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Venedor is designed for speed and performance and is designed with rich promotional sections that influence high conversion rates.

One of the main goals of Venedor is to help customers unfamiliar with programming to configure the store without coding skills such as custom html / js / css.

11 skins for electronics, fashion, furniture, cosmetics, outdoor and pharmacies are already built in and are yet to come. Each of these demonstrations expands the possibility of creating tones of variation, as all demonstrations are uniquely designed with different sections.

Customer support

Immediate, professional and kind support from a proactive team

Venedor - Support for Premium Shopify themeVenedor - Premium videos with Shopify themeVenedor - Premium Shopify Topic Documentation

Included in Venedor:

  • 11 unique homepage layouts
  • 7 Product page layouts
  • 15+ options for product page layout
  • 5 Shopping / collection page layout options
  • Collection list page
  • 5 types of headers
  • 7 header styles
  • 62+ stunning sections
  • 4 Contact us page styles
  • A page about us
  • blogs
  • Blog post
  • 404 pages
  • Privacy Policy Page
  • 130+ SVG icons
  • High speed and productivity (100/100, 100/93)

11 unique homepage layouts

Each demonstration is uniquely designed with different styles and colors.
Check out our demonstrations here:

11+ demonstrations
11+ demonstrations

One-click installation and automatic theme update

You can easily install Venedor in your store using ours Installation application. Custom pages such as Contact Us, About Us, Wish List, Comparison List are also available to create using the app. The steps are straight.

We’ve added a feature to help customers upgrade their version of the theme faster using our toolkit.

Automatic topic update
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 1
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 2
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 3
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 4
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 5
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 6
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 7
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 8
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 9
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 10
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 11
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 12
Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 13

Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 14

Venedor - Premium Shopify Theme - 15
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Characteristics of the topic:

  • One-click installation
  • Version of the theme for automatic upgrade with our application
  • Megamen
  • Sticky menu
  • Predictable search
  • Layouts in a box and full width
  • 130+ SVG icons available
  • Laying of a lattice for masonry
  • Subscribe to regular news
  • Instagram images
  • Powerful video tabs
  • Different text effects in a slideshow
  • Contact forms
  • Recommendations section
  • Sidebar sections
  • Rich sections for promotion
  • Google Maps with Contact Form
  • Google fonts available
  • View 3D model of the product / Video
  • Lookbook
  • Color samples
  • Samples of images
  • Lazy image loading
  • Ajax Add to cart
  • Dynamic payment button
  • Pre-order products that are out of stock
  • Filter products by price and labels
  • Label “New”, “Sale”.
  • Product reviews
  • Unique product sections
  • Size tables
  • Quick product overview
  • Enlarge product images
  • Related products
  • Recommended products
  • Recently reviewed products
  • Nested collections
  • Grid / list view collections
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Multilingual translation
  • RTL ready
  • Unlimited color options
  • Wish list
  • Compare products
  • EU Cookie Policy Notification – GDPR Compatibility
  • Convenient for SEO
    And much more …

Subscribe to regular news

  • Shopify email subscription by default
  • Mailchimp ajax subscription

Custom pages

Everything is divided in Venedor. About us, Contact us, Compare the list and Wish Pages are also not exclusive, even the Search Page!

Compatible with Weglot translation

Venedor is partnering with Weglot translator. Take it 15% discount code from us!

High speed and performance

All our demonstrations are super fast! Check the GTmetrix report here.

Suggested results appear as you type in the search box. Predictive search helps customers formulate and refine their search queries and provides them with new ways to explore an online store. It also allows them to quickly view matches without having to leave their current page to see a separate list of search results. Predictable search supports suggestions for products, collections, pages, and articles.

SVG icons available

We use svgs for icons. You can view supported icons from ours documentation. If you need a custom svg, let us know! We will be grateful if you offer us your svg so that we can include it from the next version.

Support for multiple currencies

Venedor supports currency converter as well as price display without end zeros. You can add a currency selector to your store so that customers can choose their preferred currency while browsing your store, and then use that currency to pay for their payment orders.

Product reviews

Add a customer review feature to your products. This provides a way for your customers to engage with you as well as with each other to drive sales. Venedor is fully compatible with several review applications

Compatibility of the application with Ali Reviews

Venedor is partnering with Ali Reviews. Buy Venedor and get it 10% discount from the application Ali-reviews!

  • Loox – Reviews for photos from loox
  • Ali Reviews AliExpress Reviews
  • – Product Reviews
  • App for product reviews from Shopify
  • Product Reviews for UGC

Powerful videos

Embed your YouTube and Vimeo videos, or upload your video to your Shopify store to show product tutorials, promotional videos, and product reviews. Auto play, play / pause buttons are available for your videos.

please note

All images used in this theme are for demonstration purposes only. They are not part of the theme and are NOT included in the final purchase files.

Change log:

  • Version 2.0 (02 / June / 21)

      - Replace all SASS resources with pure CSS
      - Added Japanese language
      - Added Lithuanian language
      - Fix flickering fade effect
      - Fix unique tab title not highlighted
      - Fix minor bugs
  • Version 1.3.0 (31 / December / 20)

      - Added new demo: Dark Green - Pharmacy
      - Added 4 new mobile header styles
      - Added 2 new mega menu styles
      - Move logo/mobile logo settings from header section to theme section
      - New section: Slideshow with side menu
      - New section: Text with image 2
      - Added option to show only selected collections from the collections list page
      - Added 23+ new SVG icons
      - Fix collection page issue with 50+ products
      - Fix minor bugs
      - Improve page render speed
  • Version (30 / October / 20)

      - Fix lazy loading css on Firefox
  • Version 1.2.8 (29 / October / 20)

      - Added 1 new mega menu style
      - Added a new design of collection page filters
      - Added 5+ collection page options
      - Added 3 new SVG icon
      - Added Privacy & Policy page
      - Added side cart popup
      - Added terms & conditions check before checkout
      - Update video settings to autoplay on mobile devices
      - Update search page
      - Fix HUF currency converter unit
      - Improve page loading speed
  • Version 1.2.7 (1 / October / 20)

      - Added 5 new product page layouts
      - Added 10+ product page options
      - Added a new SVG icon
      - Added laptop/mobile spacing options in sections
      - Added variant image swatch for products
      - Updated currency converter to switch shop currency
      - Updated products list pagination to get products from Ajax
      - Fixed question form of product pages
      - Fixed closing error message
      - Fixed sticky sidebar to work with scroll
  • Version 1.2.6 (8 / September / 20)

      - Added a question form in product details page
      - Added currency flags in the topbar
      - Update Shopify default newsletter submissions
      - Fix parallax slider flickering on scroll
      - Bug fix and improve elements design
  • Version 1.2.5 (18 August 20)

      - Added a new demo - regal blue for outdoor stores
      - Added 2 new icons
      - Added testimonials section
      - Added custom image swatch
      - Show product availability in quick view forms
      - Update Header Configuration(components can be added dynamically)
      - Updated effect when switching collections
      - Update collection page sidebar sticky
      - Minor bug fix and improve elements design
  • Version 1.2.4 (14 June 20)

      - Update order details page
      - Added a new Newsletter Popup Dialog
      - Shopify default newsletter signup
      - Size chart
      - Unique Tab
      - SVG animations
      - Add more animation effects to popup dialogs
      - Preorder products that are out of stock
      - Update Wishlist design
      - Updated slideshow in collection pages to show different slides for different collections
      - Update collection page filter
      - Minor bug fix
  • Version 1.1.4 (23 June 20)

      - Added a new demo - Dark Green for Fashion
      - Added animations to cart actions
      - Added vertical video with text section
      - Added a new design for Instagram images
      - Added Recently Viewed Products section
      - Added a new promotion section
      - Updated jQuery version to 3.5.1
      - Updated Instagram with new APIs
      - Minor bug fixes and UI improvements
  • Version 1.1.3 (8 June 20)

     - Added a new demo - Green Furnitures
     - Added functionality to compare products
     - Added 4 new SVG icons
     - Added a section to use custom html
     - Add video, 3d model icon badges to media gallery thumbnails
     - Added an option to enable/disable zoom products images
     - Updated header options to use SVG logos
     - Updated product image popup from product detail page
     - Updated slideshow sections to show different images on mobile devices
     - Updated Contact us and About us pages to show user custom input content
     - Added options to use google fonts
     - Minor bug fixes and UI improvements

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