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URMS – University Results Management System

The University Results Management System (URMS) in PHP is an easy online application for managing the generation and publication of university results with the option to save / print. It is easy to use and fully responsive with a suitable design. It maintains multiple user accounts with an authorized panel and front end administrator authentication.

URMS creates small but effective profile data for both student and teacher. It has a smart summary report in the dashboard or home page. It easily assigns a department, subject, teacher and semester and also maintains a student waiver program during the enrollment process.

It facilitates semester results with a common archive to see previous results with information about the semester.

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DEMO Login:

Consumer role Username password
Admin admin 123456
Power galib 123456
teacher khalil 123456
librarian tons 123456
student 130102071 123456

Update the log

------------ VERSION - 1.3: Release on 23 - May - 2019 ------------ 
[+] Change Installation system.
[+] Updated user module
[+] Fixed some bug.
------------ VERSION - 1.2: Release on 23 - Oct -2017 ------------ 
[+] Added complete Library Module.
[+] Updated Installing System.
[+] Fixed some bug.
------------ VERSION - 1.1: Release on 29 - May -2017 ------------ 
[+] Add Two Modules - Notice and Transport.
[+] Updated Waiver Module.
[+] Fixed some bug.


[+] Complete Summary in the Dashboard.
[+] Student & Teacher informations.
[+] Subject & Department informations.
[+] Transport and Library Using Facility.
[+] Pre-registration & Waiver facility.
[+] Online result publication & Generate report.
[+] User type account creation & Password changing facility.
[+] An Admin User gets auto created in the time of installation.
[+] The Admin Only has the access to the settings of the whole System.
[+] The Admin can create different(Authority,Teacher, Librarian & Student) type of user.
[+] The Authority can edit/update & delete any user and information.
[+] The Authority can create/edit/delete Students, Teachers, Subjects & Library information.
[+] The Authority can also Publish result and Generate Report.
[+] The Authority can also publish notice and set transport route.
[+] The Authority have to create Departments, Semester, Subject and teacher Assigning with Waiver facility for students.
[+] The Librarian can control all Library Relatated Issues.
[+] The teacher can check the subjects given for any individual semester.
[+] The teacher can set Examination marks.
[+] A Student can complete Pre-registration & Check Results online.
[+] A Student can view Notices and Library History Online.
[+] Online Notice publishing Facility.
[+] 24/7 notifications Alert.
[+] Transport Information for all.
[+] Automatic Validation Errors.
[+] Easy password Changing Facility.

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