Download Free Tronix – Graph Game Full Version

Tronix is ​​a puzzle game based on graphics. The object of the game is to arrange the points of the graph in such a way that no line of the graph intersects and no point sits on any of the lines.

– Resolution: 320 × 480 (zoom)
– Mobile first design
– Works with all modern browsers
– Supports both touch and click
– Unlocking system
– Government savings
– Fully adaptable
– 20 levels included

Update to version 1.1:
– Graphic updates
– Revised last level
– Fix defaults in Android browser by default

To unlock all levels (in Chrome):
– Open the Developer Console (F12)
– Select the Console tab
– Type (without the quotes): “Tronix.UnlockAll ()” and press Enter

To forget all levels, enter (in the console): “Tronix.ForgetAll ()”

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