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Here is a detailed list of features:

  • No programming required
  • Online HTML editor for creating formatted content
  • JSON formatted internal database
  • Cache images for offline reading
  • Support for HTML formatted content for Android
  • Unlimited number of topics
  • Improved offline search capabilities
  • List of favorite topics to mark
  • Amenities for sharing topics
  • Convenience for copying themes
  • Supports RTL Arabic layout
  • Notice
  • Material Color theme
  • Improved documentation
  • 24/7 customer support

Demo video of the application

No programming required. See our technical documentation –

Register of changes

- Minor Update: Enriched Technical doc for removing banner ads from Post Details page

- Migrated to AndroidX
- Upgraded 'build.gradle' files to support up to Android 10 (API Level 29) and upper versions
- Modified 'AndroidManifest.xml' file according to these updates

- Upgraded 'build.gradle' files
- Contents not fully opening in some latest android devices issue resolved
- Modified 'AndroidManifest.xml' file according to these updates
- 'Text to speech' option introduced in the post details page
- Introduced image download option
- Introduced image set as wallpaper option
- Enriched technical documentation

- Updated source code to comply with latest and updated policies of Google Play
- Limits the frequency of full-screen ads showing so that we can avoid disturbtive ads. Now after 3 or more clicks, a full-screen ads will be shown
- Updated the Privacy Policy
- Enriched technical documentation according to these updates

- Redesigned the database
- 'More Apps' option introduced in the navigation drawer
- Frequent 'Rate this App' dialog implementation
- Enrich technical documentation

- Enrich technical documentation

- Optimized source code to comply up-to latest version of android studio

- Enrich video documentation

- Removed some permissions from manifest

- Optimized source code
- Optimized UI & UX design

- Enrich technical documentation

- Integrated banner ads in the post details page
- Integrated post title in the post details page

- Initial Release

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