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Thinkin Cab is an online taxi booking system that bridges the gap between taxi owners and their customers. This is a very useful solution for a mobile application for business with fees or charges, which helps to increase orders for booking fees and increase customer satisfaction. The main focus of the software is the well-designed administrative panel for monitoring the whole process.

Administrative panel
[email protected] : password click here Custom application
click here Driver Application
login information for both the user application and the driver
ID: [email protected]
ID: [email protected]
password: password


Thinkin Cab & Bike |  book Cars, Bicycles and Cars  full custom code - 1 lamp

  • User Cab application features
  • User registration and login
  • Live booth in the map (setting up the firebase database)
  • Choose your route
  • Choose a taxi service
  • Calculate the type and price of the vehicle.
  • Automatic selection of current locations
  • Live chat with accepted driver (using Firebase)
  • Manual payment.
  • Possibility to cancel a reservation.
  • View travel history.
  • Rate the driver.
  • Driver Cab application features
  • Registration and entry of drivers
  • Calculation of the final tariff based on distance (kilometer)
  • See travel itinerary information.
  • See user location
  • Accept / Reject the trip.
  • View travel history.
  • Administrative panel
  • Booking details
  • Maps
  • The whole story of driving
  • Management of cabin types
  • Driver management
  • User management
  • Management of sub-administrators
  • Statement Manager
  • Settlement of the driver
  • CMS Privacy Policy Pages
  • Settings
  • Much more …

IMP: this application does not support shared server due to API and storage problem, the recommended server reference in the manual is used after purchase

this app you need to have knowledge of the Laravel app and Android Studio in Live or cloud servers

we do not support problems with the local host and the shared server (Cpanel webpanel .etc) is not recommended

  Server Requirements (for Android and Backend)
  PHP Version: 8.0 or greater
  Laravel supported database
  Android Studio
  SSH and root access

IOS version:

usefull link
Laravel :


If you have questions or need support, please pick up a support ticket via CodeCanyon or click on the WhatsApp banner

Version: 3.0 -2021
Intruducing Laravel ^8.12, php 8.0
New technology introduce in the backend and debugging tools (laravel Telelscope)
Introducing Laravel livewire for the dynamic component replacing jquery
(breaking change) laravel passport migrated to laravel santum 
Optimise script query
Faster api response
Security patch
Geo fencing drop base charge
New google map api restriction implementation 
Need to use 3 map api restriction (domain, server, app)
API key dynamic tranaslation (name and discription translation )
New translation package 
Note: we are rewriting almost all part of the applicaiton for the long time run and avoid break change in the applicaiton, so a developer is required a decent knowledge of laravel and the package assiocated with it 
Next update
New agent aka fleet owner comission and login system
Agent dashboard managing the drivers earning stats 

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