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is a jQuery plugin that helps you quickly and easily organize your content into 3D space. The plugin supports adaptive layout with automatic scaling and is ideal for displaying content of all screen sizes.

The carousel is very flexible – almost everything can be configured to your liking, from the path of movement of objects to the physics of movement. The extremely intuitive design of the configurator is another advantage that brings clarity to the configuration process from the first minute of use. Equipped with Teta, you are not limited to moving objects on a parabolic or elliptical path of motion – try other options: spiral, cubic parabola and line. In addition, you can also define your own path for objects using Bezier cubic curves. Teta carousel is supported by all major web browsers and tablets (iPhone, iPad, iOS, Android and Windows 8).

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  • A variety of configurable movements paths
    • Parabola, line, cubic parabola, spiral, ellipse, you can even define your own using Bezier cubic curves
  • Configurable physical parameters
    • Pulse, voltage and relief parameters can be configured using an intuitive user interface
  • Scene configuration
    • The ability to rotate, scale, stretch and shift path of movement in each dimension
  • Visual configurator: configured object is JSON objects with settings
    • Use our external configurator to play with various options in real time, even in your production environment. Just run a short code snippet in the browser console and that’s it. The snippet will load our configurator directly from our website. No need to change anything on the server. Once the carousel is configured, the configurator will generate a JSON object with settings.
  • AngularJS compatible
    • We also provide the AngularJS directive for our component. Just add it to your tag and enjoy the fantastic looking and flexible carousel in your AngularJS app
  • Keyboard, mouse and touch support
  • Responsive layout with the possibility of automatic scaling
    • What you see is what you get – the carousel is displayed the same way you configured it on any size screen
  • The content of the carousel is not limited to images
    • You can easily transform every HTML element in an object on a carousel
  • Configure visually effects
  • Documentation and samples will help you quickly begin how to configure and use the carousel
  • Circular rotation
  • Automatic execution
  • Backup for browsers that do not support 3D transformations
    • Carousel automatically detects whether the browser supports 3D and if not (eg IE 9) the elements will be aligned in a normal line

What our customers say:

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  • March 31, 2016:
    • The AngularJS directive has been added.
    • An option has been added that allows you to disable mouse swipe and touch gestures.
  • January 28, 2016:
    • Improved mouse wheel and keyboard scroll.
    • Added the ability to deactivate the mouse wheel and / or scroll the keyboard.
  • January 15, 2016:
    • Added new API method – update. Allows dynamic addition / removal of elements to / from the carousel.
  • December 22, 2015:
    • Implemented backup option for browsers that do not support 3D transformations (eg IE 9).
  • November 12, 2015:
    • Added automatic playback
  • October 28, 2015:
    • Added circular rotation
    • Added reflection effect (only works in Chrome, Opera and Safari)
    • Vertical gesture recognition has been added

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