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Create and launch your own market using the Stripe Connect API with PHP to process payments between your platform, connected accounts and customers!

This script is written to be easily modified to meet your own needs so that you can integrate Stripe Connect to your website in a white-labeled way (your users stay on your website and will not have to leave the website on Stripe to register, pay, etc.). The code is written in the simplest way possible to find out how it works quickly, and is also fully commented on with every use of the Stripe API feature, with links to API documentation and other useful links when needed. Even if the design of the script doesn’t really matter here, you’ll be glad to know that it’s also responsive. The Stripe Connect API version is the latest to date and the script uses PHP 7, jQuery, Bootstrap 4 and MySQL 5. Please note that a MySQL database will be required to run the script using only one table (just, I told you!).

All instructions for installing the script are in the “Read me” file, it will take you only a few minutes to set it up and start testing it.

Once installed, you will receive a welcome page with links to five steps covering your integration. The code for these steps is divided into 5 corresponding folders to make things as clear as possible for you. The 5 steps are:

• Create an account: Complete creation of personalized accounts (vendors / stores on your platform) with all their data required by Stripe and the regulations of their own countries, as well as their bank accounts to be able to receive payouts from their sales on your platform . At the end of the deployment process, your linked accounts will be ready to start doing business on your website.

• Creating a customer: Creating a customer (buyers of products / services in your platform) with the necessary details.

• Payment process: Create a payment intention using the best practices required by Stripe Connect, working with both one-to-one and one-to-many methods. account). You can then pay with a payment card and receive the payment results via the included Webhook script so that you can save the payment, send an email to the account (s), the customer and the platform when the payment is made, etc. the payment process supports Visa / Mastercard / American Express cards, covers 3D Secure payments (which is a requirement in the European Union) and detects counterfeit cards, insufficient provisions, expired cards, …

• Refund process: Choose a payment and make a partial or full refund of your accounts to customers.

• List: A type of management / back office database that lists most of the information you may want to display on your platform that is extracted from Stripe, including:
– A list of all your connected accounts
– Account page with their data (information, missing information, balance, bank accounts, payments, transfers, withdrawals)
– List of all your customers
– Customer page with their data (information, cards, bank accounts, payment intentions, fees)
– Platform activity (list all events including Stripe API on your platform)
– Balance of the platform (available / reserved / upcoming balance in all currencies, list of all transactions on your platform)
– Profits from the platform (explaining how to save and display them, as the Stripe API does not allow you to receive them)

Just so you can quickly test the script, most of the input is pre-filled, so you don’t have to fill it all in when creating a test client, for example.

Keep in mind that the Stripe Connect API can take a long time to fully understand, so don’t expect to integrate this script in two days and get ready! This is not a WordPress plugin, so be sure to take some time to run tests, read the code, modify it, and learn from your mistakes when integrating the Stripe Connect API with / and this script. In addition, this script is designed to cover the most important needs that the market may have in general, but obviously cannot cover the needs of your platform itself, so you will really need to take the time to adapt, add or remove it. certain functions, etc. See it as a solid construction for your house, the walls, electricity and plumbing are ready and you still have to paint the walls with the colors you like, so don’t expect to apply within two hours of purchase!

While working on this script, I decided that it would be useful to share a bunch of tips and useful information that I included in the “Read Me” file and code comments to save you time understanding the script and how Stripe Connect works. and its API, and where to find more information about specific points of your integration. As stated in this file, I had to create this integration for a web project and since it took a long time to understand everything and encode everything in the right way (fixing errors, making the whole thing easy for the user with a little JavaScript / Ajax here and there, …), I decided it would be great to help other developers save time, or in other words, create the script I would like to buy if it was available somewhere before I started this, so that I could save a lot of time on my own. Now this script exists and I am one hundred percent sure that you will save many, many hours with this script if you need to integrate the Stripe Connect API to your website!

Please note that I am not a Stripe developer and am not affiliated with Stripe in any way, so I will not answer any questions about how Stripe and its API work! I mention the best ways to get their help if you need it (they are quite reactive in my experience), it’s all in the “Read Me” file.
I will keep this script up to date when the Stripe API is updated and code changes are needed, and I will try to be reactive and make the necessary corrections if someone reports a bug or security issue in the script. Everything works perfectly, as far as I know, and since the version of the Stripe API used is set in the script, even if Stripe updates its API, there should be no problem with using this script for a while … I saw a comment from someone using a version of the 2014 script and its script still worked perfectly in 2020. Of course, regulations can change, so especially if your platform is based and / or doing some business in the European Union, you will have to keep a look at the changes that are required from time to time.

Enjoy this script and the free time you have just saved by purchasing it! :-)


– Original version of the script.

– The script has been updated to the latest Stripe Connect API (version 2020-08-27) and Stripe PHP Library (version 7.79.0).
– Support for fraudulent card detection has been improved.

2022-01: – Fixed an issue with the way tokens were created during the process of entering linked accounts. This part has been completely rewritten, the tokens are now created using the Stripe.js library, not the PHP API. This is already a requirement for platforms based in France and is recommended (at least for now) only for other countries. This is a pretty big upgrade under the hood, so if you’ve purchased the script before and want to integrate these changes, be sure to read the code in detail.
– Added “By continuing, you agree to our terms and the Stripe Connected Account Agreement.” The first step in creating an account.
– Removed Stripe API publishing keys from external javascript files, so there’s no need to change it there when implementing code or switching from “test” to “live” mode.
– The “Linked Account” and “Client” detail pages in the script list section have added the full array of data that can be retrieved from the API so you know everything you can get from the API.
– Removed most of the custom CSS classes previously created in favor of Bootstrap classes.
– Webhook file documentation has been improved more with helpful tips.
– Added some more tips on using the API and Stripe Connect in general in the Read Me file, including an example of how to update a linked account information using tokens.
– Updated PHP library for Stripe API to the latest version so far (7.107.0). The latest version of the Stripe Connect API is still “2020-08-27”.
– Small corrections to the comments (corrected several errors in English, updated links to the right pages of the stripe connect api, additional clarity on several things).

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