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Smart POS is a very useful offline point of sale app for Android mobile devices. Using Smart POS, you can easily maintain all types of products and store all sales records. You can store information about the customer and the supplier. You can easily view your daily, monthly and annual reports with a chart. Smart POS has support for several languages ​​(English, Spanish, Bangla). There is also a spare facility. You can back up your database and save it to your device’s storage, and you can import it. You can easily generate a PDF receipt and print a receipt using a printer. You can also share a PDF receipt with customers and intelligently manage your daily sales.

Main functions:

  • Create information about customers and suppliers.
  • Create product information with an image.
  • Edit product information
  • Generate PDF receipt
  • Print a PDF receipt from a POS printer
  • Share a PDF receipt from customers
  • Open a PDF receipt from external PDF readers
  • Add a product using a QR code
  • Add a product with a barcode
  • Product inventory management system
  • Product availability
  • Product by category
  • Search for a product using QR and barcode
  • Stroller point system.
  • Create a list of expenses.
  • Add / edit product category
  • Add / Edit payment method
  • Daily, monthly and annual report with bar chart
  • Database backup and recovery system.
  • Backup and import data from Google Drive
  • Add a currency symbol
  • Attractive user interface.
  • Tax and discount system
  • Support for thermal printing
  • Import product data from an Excel (xls) file
  • Export product data to an Excel (xls) file
  • Import customer and vendor data from an Excel (xls) file
  • Export customer and vendor data to Excel
  • Export all sales data to an Excel file
  • Export all cost data to an Excel file
  • Export a complete database to Excel
  • Support for multiple languages ​​(English, French, Spanish and Bangla).
  • Compatible with Android 10
  • Integrated Google AdMob
  • Banner ads and banners
  • Programmed in Android Studio IDE
  • The development language is Java
  • Improved documentation.

Intelligent POS
Intelligent POS
Intelligent POS

Intelligent POS
Intelligent POS
Intelligent POS
Intelligent POS
Intelligent POS
Intelligent POS
Smart POS tablet

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Intelligent POS

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What do you get

  • Complete Android source code
  • APK file
  • Database file
  • Complete documentation with screenshot

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V 1.0: 4 April 2020

  * First version release

V 2.0: 23 April 2020

  * Add product using QR code
  * Add product using Barcode
  * Search product usng QR code
  * Search product using Barcode
  * Google AdMob Ads integrated 

V 3.0: 25 April 2020

  * Import product form Excel (xls) file.
  * Export product into Excel (xls) file. 
  * Import customers and suppliers data from Excel (xls) file.
  * Export customers and suppliers data into Excel (xls) file.
  * Export full database into Excel (xls) file.

V 4.0: 27 April 2020

 * Generate PDF receipt.
 * Print PDF receipt by POS printer.
 * Share PDF receipt to customers.
 * Open PDF receipt by external PDF readers.
 * Minor bug fixed

V 4.1: 28 April 2020

 * Edit/update customer information
 * Edit/update suppliers information
 * Edit/update expense information
 * Minor bug fixed

V 5.0: 12 May 2020

 * Add/Edit product category
 * Add/Edit payment method
 * French language added
 * Language problem in Android N solved
 * Minor bug fixed 

V 6.0: 22 June 2020

 * Added Product stock management system
 * Show stock and low stock with red color
 * Tax
 * Discount
 * Added Product category in POS screen
 * Updated POS Screen and cart item count added
 * Thermal Printing support 
 * Minor bug fixed 

V 7.0: 16 August 2020

 * Added order status-Pending, Completed and Cancel 
 * Added database backup and import from Google Drive
 * Added Barcode in Thermal Printing page
 * Add Barcode in PDF receipt  
 * Minor bug fixed 

V 7.1: 10 October 2020

 * Decimal value problem solved
 * Minor bug fixed 

V 7.2: 1 March 2021

 * Added Hindi language support
 * Added year selection in sales & expense graph
 * Minor bug fixed 

V 7.3: 12 June 2021

 * Translation problem solved in lower end device
 * Minor bug fixed 

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