Download Free Smart Image Tooltip – jQuery Tooltip Plugin for Images Full Version

Smart Image Tooltip is an easy-to-use and customizable plugin that can display images as thumbnail hints or normal links. The plugin requires the correct structure for the HTML used and supports the addition of any additional data that may appear in the tooltip.

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The tooltip can be styled using CSS and supports a rendering template. The plug-in supports mobile / touch-based devices to open a tooltip when holding down the mouse or clicking, depending on the device or plug-in settings. Many other plug-in control settings are available.

The plug-in must be attached to one or more links or another element (thumbnail link). A hint / preview will be populated with various data generated by the target item.

The plugin has been tested with current browsers for Android, iPhone and iPad Safari and Chrome, all modern desktop browsers. Requires JavaScript and jQuery support to work.

Display templates included

  • Basic: Displays only an image without additional style
  • Simple: an image with a simple and clean dark frame
  • Inscription: image and inscription below
  • Envato: An image with additional information similar to Envato product tips

Other features

  • Preload the image before a tooltip appears
  • Custom preload animation and move hint
  • Various demonstrations and examples that show how the menu can be set up
  • Complete source files for both CSS and jQuery
  • Minimized CSS and JS files

Register of changes

Version 1.7 / 2020.06.11.

  • Updated: refactoring of some jQuery event handlers
  • Updated: various improvements to the plugin kernel

Version 1.6 / 2019.04.21.

  • Changed: links and images for some demos
  • Changed: Removed some obsolete and unused codes
  • Updated: tested with jQuery 3.x
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