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simpleShop is a powerful and complete solution for all types Store management. This script includes the most powerful product sales system, with which the administrator can sell several products at once Paid or due paid he / she can also edit the percentage of product sales at the time of sale. Here we have added daily, monthly and annual basic sales invoice, total sales, total due and general profit statistics. The administrator can store products with the category wise and can easily manage his store. This script has a powerful account section, like any transaction Sell, deposit, spend, withdraw below this section, so the administrator account will be 100% secure and meaningful. The administrator can easily manage the payment, debt and repayment of the products supplier’s companies and can easily know how much he / she has to pay them. They also include a powerful transaction log, a repayment notification system, a repayment system. List of clients with a reasonable invoice and history of due repayments. The administrator can manage the entire website without a single line of coding knowledge. It is professionally developed in PHP based Laravel framework with MySQL backend. There is a strong SQL injection protection system that will keep this system away from hackers. This script creates a unique session for each login each time and checks whether the login session is valid with this system or not. So there is no doubt about a kidnapping session.

Store management system - 1
Store management system - 2
Store management system - 3
Store management system - 4

Script features

✓ Powerful sales system.
✓ Selling several products at once.
✓ Sell discount or less system includes.
✓ Sell with a paid and proper payment system.
✓ Cash or check payment system included.
✓ Daily, monthly, annual sales statistics.
✓ Powerful invoicing system included.
✓ Repayment system.
✓ Notification of due repayment.
✓ Cash sales system.
✓ Powerful store management.
✓ Product store for categories.
Множество Many companies are supported.
✓ We also owe repayment of the company payment.
✓ Perfect current money management.
✓ Perfect daily expense report.
✓ Perfect withdrawal report or store deposit.
✓ Powerful customer management system.
✓ Powerful transaction log included.
✓ Logo management.
✓ Management of author’s text.
✓ Description from A to Z.
✓ and much more …

Demo Login

Administrator demo:

Administrator login:

Email : [email protected]

Password: 123456

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