Download Free Secure GPS Tracker using Traccar Full Version

GPS Tracking is a mobile application for managing GPS tracking devices. It requires a Traccar server instance to work.

By default, the app is configured to use the free Traccar demo service. To manage devices, you must register a user Traccar demo

If you have your own private server, just tap the setup icon on the login screen, enter your own URL, start using it.

Traccar mobile tracking client application: Download

Link to the demo application: Download

New application for iOS

Our new iOS app

IOS app demo: Press here

Download the iOS app here: Press here


  • Convenient for the user
  • Live tracking
  • Send a command via TCP
  • Live speed, static and offline time
  • GPS device information management
  • Traffic and satellite layer
  • Report and playback
  • Push Notification (FCM supports over 4.0, all other versions support local push notification, same as FCM)
  • Integrated Ad Mob and Firebase

Regular license:

We do not provide any support for regular licensees who need to forward the documentation.

Extended license:

Commercial purposes

For an extended license, users will receive first-class support and basic customization, such as an app icon, app name, screen information, translation into your language, and Play Store publishing.

Note: You must provide translated words to translate the application.

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