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SB Testimonial Slider is a flexible WordPress plugin that has many settings and features. It is designed to take care of modern design and customer needs. There are panels with settings in WP admin for various templates and other customizations. Administrators can change the overall layout of the slider by simply selecting the style from the settings panels. This is a fully responsive slider.

Take a look at our finished products Templates for sliders for recommendations

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Administrative functions:

SB Testimonial Slider The plugin is a user-friendly plugin that has options for setting unlimited colors for title, description, author, date and star rating. This is a shortcode ready plugin that shows a recommendation slider using [testimonial-slider] short code on any page, so using this plugin plugin is very easy.

It has functions to show / hide each block of recommendation sliders except for title, description and image. It also has features for ordering recommendations and limiting the number of recommendations for displaying the front end. There is an option to choose a template style from the drop-down menu. There is also an option to limit the number of slides in the slider.

Manage admin recommendations information. The administrator can add / edit / delete slides with recommendations from the WP administrator.

Why choose SB Testimonials Slider for WordPress?

The SB Testimonial Slider plugin has the following features so that it can be widely used

  • Many styles:

    We have currently included five design templates (style1, style2, style3, …, etc.) in the recommendation slider plugin, and others will be coming soon.

  • Star rating system:

    The plugin has a star rating system / feature, as well as an option in the WP administrator to enable / disable star rating. Customers can set different colors for star rating.

  • Show hide:

    There is a settings panel in the WP administrator to show / hide every recommendation field except the title and content of the recommendations.

  • Color options:

    Customers can set unlimited colors for title, content, author name, slider background, and star rating from the WP administrator.

  • Ready short code:

    No coding is required to display the slider recommendations. There is a short code that appears on the slider settings pages in the WP administrator to display the slider on the content of each page.

  • Responsive design layout:

    One of the other most useful features is the responsive design of the slides with recommendations. All recommendation slides will be displayed according to the size of the device. For example, if one device is mobile, then only one slide display at a time and if the device is an iPad, then two slides are displayed at once and if the device is desktop, then 3 slides are displayed. You can set the number of slides in the administrator settings panel.

  • Slider settings:

    There is a settings panel in the WP administrator to set the slider settings (automatic on / off, speed control, mouse pause, etc.) If you want to start the slider automatically, check the box next to Activate automatic slider playback.

  • Recommendation input fields:

    There are input fields below in the admin for information about the recommendation slider

    a) Title / Etiquette

    b) Name of the author

    c) Image

    d) Date

    e) Content of recommendations

    f) Company

    g) Star rating

    h) Identity / position of the author

  • Limit the total number of slides:

    There is a settings panel to set the total number of slides and columns in the slider.

  • Order:

    There are settings for setting the order and order of recommendations

  • Single template for more information:

    In the settings panel there is an option to activate the link to read more. If enabled, the Read More link appears on the recommendation slider. If a visitor clicks on the link to read more information, they go to the more information page, where visitors see all the information about the author.

  • Intelligent column layout:

    Our plugin is designed according to the width of the device. If you set the 3 columns of the admin settings panel, then 3 recommendations will be displayed on desktop and ipad pro. If the device is an iPad, then 2 columns will be displayed automatically. If the device is mobile, then 1 column is displayed.

  • Compatible with the minimum requirements of WordPress:

    SB Testimonial Slider plugin tested with WordPress version 5.0 and later. It is also compatible with Divi themes, Avada theme and others.

  • WordPress Editor and Divi builder support:

    Our plugin is ready for short codes and can be used in WordPress Editor or Divi builder.

  • Live demo:

    We have a live demonstration of our plugin that shows slider recommendations. Please take a look Press here.

  • And many others…

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