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Roulette Royale

Roulette Royale is an HTML5 casino game. Enjoy this roulette game with high quality 3D graphics!
The game contains all the basic features of the game of roulette such as Voisins zero, level, orphelins, neighbor, final bets.

This game is developed in HTML5 / js and third party library CreateJs – (not Construct2 or other framework).

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Roulette Royale

This version of roulette is optimized for mobile devices.
If you want a more desktop-friendly version, check out:

3D roulette

Roulette Royale

Easy installation

The ZIP package contains the game with a resolution of 1280 × 768, which is scaled to fit the full screen, oriented to the device.

Just upload to your server or plug in with CTL Arcade WordPress Plugin for even easier installation.


The game is completely adaptable from Skins to Branding.
All source code is included, so you can easily make changes or hire us to customize the game for you.


Fully compatible with most servers, but it’s always a good idea to consult with your administration team or host company.

Of course, achieving 100% compatibility on any screen size is very difficult, but all created games are tested on the most common of all web browsers and devices, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera, tablets, laptops, iPhone and Android devices.

Technical details

This game is developed in HTML5 / js and third party library CreateJs (not Construct2 or other framework).
For additional technical information, please read the documentation


Item support includes:

  • Availability of the author to answer questions
  • Answer technical questions about the characteristics of the item
  • Help with reported bugs and problems


  • Sounds are enabled for mobile devices, but we can’t provide full audio compatibility on all mobile devices due to some issues between some mobile browsers and HTML5.
    So if you want to avoid the sound load, please read the documentation
  • Sounds cannot be enabled for Windows Phone because this type of device has unsolvable tag issues
  • If you want to make an application of this game, we suggest you change it or at least rebrand it
  • We cannot be held responsible for and offer support for any problems encountered while using the game in third party software (ie PhoneGap, Cordova, Iudei).

CTL Arcade

CTL Arcade

This game is fully compatible with CTL Arcade

This superb WordPress plugin will take your boring WordPress website and turn it into a real arcade game machine with ease.

With CTL Arcade you will have over 200 games compatible and available for purchase. This game is fully compatible and ready to launch on your website for great games today. With CTL Arcade you can:

  • Add banner ads and generate passive revenue.
  • Update to include social sharing buttons
  • Add your own rating and evaluation functionality


- Readme file updated 
- Bux fixed in neighbor panel 
- Added current bet panel 

- Credits Panel added with show/hide feature
- Orientation alert added
- Button fullscreen added

- Added bet_placed event when user clicks spin button
- Bug fixed with Rebet

- Sound library updated
- Bug fixed on full-screen feature
- Bug fixed on full-screen in iframe

- Bug fixed with sounds 
- Preloader updated 
- Bug fixed on font loading 
- Landscape IOS fullscreen added 
- Added Favicon and title 
- Centered top game

-Bug fixed with the the "Voisins du zero" 

- Loading recovery for slow connection /
- Sound Loading recovery for slow connection 
- Bug fixed with fullscreen on Android 
- Text autofit for enhance the language customization

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