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Quiz Game 2 is an HTML5 game with free quiz questions for general knowledge and answers with many options, it has been restored without a canvas, which can be adapted adaptively to landscape and portrait layout and includes the new filling of the blank and video question.

The ZIP package contains the game with a resolution of 1200 × 650, which is scaled to fit the entire screen device, but may not be perfect in full screen.

Test Game 2 - HTML5 Game - 1
Test Game 2 - HTML5 Game - 2
Test Game 2 - HTML5 Game - 3
Built-in editor tool:

The game comes with a built-in editor tool, you can easily create and visualize a question with the tool.
Test Game 2 - HTML5 Game - 4


Test Game 2 - HTML5 Game - 5

This game is compatible with the add-on quiz membership system, it is an add-on page where the user can log in, log in to continue the test, admin manage category, questions and check the results and questions report. You can get it here.


  • The question is loaded from an XML file, including answers and a category
  • Built-in editor tool for visualization of edited questions and answers
  • The question can be text, image or video
  • The answers can be a button (text, image), fill in the blanks or drag and drop
  • A total of 22 types of answer layouts, displayed or custom compilations
  • Multilingual support (eg English, Chinese, Arabic, etc.)
  • Ability to show / hide a page with a category, subcategory
  • Ability to play audio for both questions and answers
  • Ability to add a background image
  • Timer activation option (normal mode or countdown mode)
  • Ability to display a result or time result
  • Ability to activate the dashboard for the top 10
  • Ability to set a high score for all times, every day, weekly, monthly
  • Option to display more than the top 10 list
  • And more options, etc. random question, random answer, revealing answer …
  • Basic options (Full screen, Mute, Exit)
  • Full customization (display of text, images, color)
  • Share the result (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp)
  • High resolution (1200 × 650)
  • Automatic resizing (responsive landscape and portrait mode support)
  • Mouse and touch controls
  • Work on all platforms (mobile phone, computer, etc.)
  • Do with CreateJS
Version 3.8
- Fixed editor tool issue

Version 3.7
- Added scoreboard format
- Added scoreboard loader

Version 3.6
- Organized scoreboard folder
- Changed scoreboard settings

Version 3.5:
- Fixed explanation issue

Version 3.4:
- Fixed viewport rotate issue

Version 3.3:
- Fixed category thumbnail
- Fixed input reveal answer
- Fixed viewport rotate
- Option to show correct/wrong status
- Reveal answer for inputs
- View scoreboard from options
- View scoreboard for all category
- Compatible with Quiz Membership System add-on

Version 3.2:
- Option to add subcategory
- Input answer can have multiple answers

Version 3.1:
- Fixed scoreboard missing button

Version 3.0:
- Added background option
- Added multiple drag and drop option
- Build-in Editor Tool UI improvements (Able to drag and resize)
- Fixed answer issue

Version 2.9
- Fixed multiple answer issue

Version 2.8:
- Fixed category after removed

Version 2.7:
- Option to set device viewport mode

Version 2.6:
- Added timer options
- Added result options

Version 2.5:
- Update Google to Whatsapp share

Version 2.4:
- Fixed video issue
- Added youtube video
- Drag & drop question (multiple answers with one correct answer)

Version 2.3:
- Build-in Editor Tool UI improvements
- Fixed Build-in Editor issues

Version 2.2:
- Fixed next and previous questions button
- Added option to drag answer once dropped (Drag & Drop question)
- Added option to randomize answer (Drag & Drop question)

Version 2.1:
- Fixed category listing

Version 2.0:
- Build-in Editor Tool UI improvements
- Build-in Editor Tool sortable answer (select, drag & drop, input)
- Fixed Build-in Editor Tool issues
- Drag & drop option fully support text (question, draggable answer, droppable label)

Version 1.7:
- Convert assets PNG to SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

Version 1.6:
- Added option for scoreboard to show more than 10 listing

Version 1.5:
- Fixed Build-in Editor Tool change viewport issue
- Added category option in Build-in Editor Tool

Version 1.4:
- Fixed audio not playing in Chrome browser

Version 1.3:
- Fixed Build-in Editor Tool when no video
- Added drag and drop option

Version 1.2:
- Fixed XML output for Build-In Editor Tool

Version 1.1:
- Added multiple choices option

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