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Admin panel data:

What’s New in Version 5.0:

  • Fix bugs and update libraries

What’s new in version 4.1:

  • Fixed issue with download request button

What’s new in version 4:

  • Add Adcolony Ads
  • Add StartApp ads
  • Update the Facebook Audience Network SDK
  • Update your Facebook login SDK
  • Add the option to disable the mail checking option from the admin panel.
  • Fix the issue with duplicate withdrawals.
  • Correcting completed questions Reproduction problem.
  • Fix the issue with duplicate recommendations.
  • Add secrecy to API requests to protect your application 100%
  • Fix the issue of disabling Fifty Fify
  • Remove the Permissions Permission page
  • Replace the homepage banner with a banner for my earnings
  • Troubleshoot headers (now showing after clicks)
  • Select Ad Type in the banner below
  • Select Ad Banner Type
  • Select Reward Video Ad Type
  • Fix and improve the design
  • Android 10 support

The Quiz with Winning System app is an Android app that allows users to play (answer questions), collect reward points and request a withdrawal if they reach the minimum withdrawal amount set by the app manager (you)! Users can also collect reward points by inviting their friends to register for this app through a referral system (referral code).

Users can use 50/50 or watch Admob award-winning video options to help them answer questions.

This app comes with a web admin panel built using Laravel (the most powerful PHP framework) to manage categories, questions, players, withdrawals, payment methods, administrators and settings (minimum amount, currency, exchange rate for points, time of questions …).


  • Introductory pages
  • Splash Screen
  • Profit system (with email notification)
  • Admob Awards Video
  • Unlimited categories
  • Players’ board (ascending, descending, alphabetical)
  • Option 50/50
  • Natural AdMob Ads
  • Admob banner
  • Screensavers for Admob
  • Consumer statistics
  • Sign in to Google
  • Referral system
  • Laravel admin panel
  • Support in 6 languages
  • Profile page
  • Revenue page
  • Withdrawal history page
  • Invite friends
  • Instructions page
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of Use
  • Rate the app
  • Application sharing
  • Report a bug
  • Contact us
  • & Much more …


  • Players can win by answering questions
  • Players can earn through a referral system for each user registered with their code.
  • Players can request a draw after a minimum of points.
  • The administrator can set the minimum number of download points from the admin panel.
  • The administrator can set the currency from the administration panel.
  • The administrator can set the conversion rate for points ($ 1 = … points) from the admin panel.
  • The administrator can accept or reject user downloads from the admin panel with (email notification).


  • Category management.
  • Issue management.
  • Withdrawal management.
  • Player management.
  • Management of administrators.
  • Management of payment methods.
  • Manage settings.

UPDATE 5.0 (Published on May 31, 2022)

        * Fix Bugs & Update Libraries & Remove Facebook Login

UPDATE 4.1 (Published on 18.08.2021)

        * Fix Request Withdrawal Button Problem

UPDATE 4.0 (Published: 14/05/2021)

*Add Adcolony Ads 
*Add StartApp Ads
*Update Facebook Audience Network SDK
*Update Facebook Login SDK
*Add Possibility to disable mail Verification Option from admin panel.
*Fix Duplicated Withdrawals Problem.
*Fix Completed Questions Playing Again Problem.
*Fix Referrals Duplicate Problem.
*Adding a secret to api requests to securise your app 100%
*Fix Fifty Fify Disabling Problem
*Remove Allow Permissions Page
*Replace Home Page Banner By My Earnings Banner
*Fix Interstitials Problems ( Now it shows After Clicks )
*Choose Bottom Banner Ads Type
*Choose Interstitials Ads Type
*Choose Reward Video Ads Type
*Fix & Improve Design 
*Support Android 10 

UPDATE 3.1 (22/05/2020)

        * Fixing Profile Picture Uploading Bug
        * Fixing Referral System Bug.
        * Fixing Back Button Bug.

UPDATE 2.1 (Published on 15 MAY 2020)

       * Account Verification By Email
       * Forget and Reset Password
       * Language selected from strings.xml file
       * Fix Exit Button Bug
       * Choose Bottom Banner Type from Admin Panel
       * Facebook Interstitial Ads
       * Add Interstitial ads in all pages
       * Enable or Disable 50/50 Option from Admin Panel
       * Enable or Disable Reward Video Option from Admin Panel
       * Application Performance
       * Fixing Bugs of the latest version

UPDATE 2.1 (Published on 18 February 2020)

        * Add .htaccess file.
        * Add credentials file to access Admin Panel.

UPDATE 2.0 (Published on February 17, 2020)

        * Facebook Network Audience Ads
        * OneSignal Push Notifications
        * Bulk Upload for Questions using csv file 
        * Ads Management from Admin Panel
        * 2 other languages are added (Turkish + German).
        * Smart Rating System
        * Completed Level are become optional, you can manage it from Admin Panel.
        * Leaderboard New Style
        * Top 15 players on home page (Stories style)
        * Fixing Bugs of version 1


  • PHP version> 7.2.0
  • Apache server
  • MySQL database
  • Shared hosting (or VPS) with cPanel / WHM is recommended

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