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Plan – Flat Bootstrap Skin

Plan is a Bootstrap skin, which means it can be used with any site built with the Bootstrap framework. Easy to install and customize thanks to the Fewer files included and custom colors on ready-to-use themes.

This skin is based on a flat design and also extends the styles directly applied to Bootstrap files. There are no overwritten rules or bloated CSS, which makes light skin like Boostrap itself.

Also included is a new set of custom UI elements such as switches, buttons, selections, radial progress bar, etc., all based on Bootstrap tagging.

UI kit

With the Bootstrap 3 version of this skin, you get a set of user interface components created with only the features that this skin includes.

There are no special files to include or customize. The user interface is based on the concept of maps, a design trend that divides the content into individual components. The concept is to include only the necessary information in separate parts, instead of displaying many pages. This concept is ideal for mobile websites and since Bootstrap 3 is already mobile firsteverything is suitable for providing the best user experience.

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List of features

  • Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • Exclusive user interface kit
  • Four themed colors, ready to use
  • Icons ready for Retina from Font Awesome 4
  • Google Font Lato
  • Flat style user interface elements
  • Improved components with CSS3 transitions
  • Better check box and radio
  • New user interface elements (button, switches, selection, radial bar, etc.)
  • Responsive HTML5 videos
  • Pure CSS components (no image)
  • Demo pages included
  • LESS files are included
  • Node Gulp.js is included for easy compilation
  • Well documented
  • .. and all the great features of Bootstrap


Plugins and other things included

Register of changes

1.7 – Feb 29 2016
  • Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.6
  • Updated to FontAwesome 4.5.0
  • Updated folder structure
  • Improved compilation of LESS files
  • Updated documents
1.6 – Sep 05 2014
  • Update to Bootstrap 3.2.0
  • Update to Fontawesomne ​​4.1
  • Correct small mistakes
  • Added Node Gulp.js script for easy compilation
  • Updated documentation
1.5 – Mar 26 2014
  • Update to Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Replaced custom choice for BootstrapSelect plugin
  • Custom input JavaScript has been improved to use ajax
1.4 – Feb 8 2014
  • Bootstrap Upgrade 3.1.0
  • Font Awesome 4.0.3
  • Removed bootstrap 2 support
  • Theme files have been moved to the css / folder
  • Online demo preview enabled
1.3 – Sep 10 2013
  • Bootstrap 3 Upgrade
  • Added UI Kit for Bootstrap 3 version
1.2 – Jun 18 2013
  • Update Font Awesome 3.2
  • Fix the problem with introducing a built-in block in safari
1.1 – Jun 7 2013
  • Fix the Opera check box
  • Adjust the drop-down menu, select ie8
1.0 – May 30 2013
  • Initial release

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