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New version 1.2, released on June 15, 2021

Perfect maintenance ticket system (or help desk ticket sales system) & document management system

Support Ticket System / Help Desk

This system helps one / more support agents to communicate easily with customers, maintain details of all communication, maintain full customer details and much more.

The support system is mandatory for every company that sells products or services.



Document / knowledge management system:

With a knowledge / document system, companies can easily publish a complete document related to one or more products.

The document can be easily added, removed or modified as required. In addition, clients can easily search for their requests in documents, share documents with others, agents can share documents with clients and much more.

This type of system helps reduce tickets.


This system provides the full range of functions needed for the help desk. Check out all the features below:


  1. Public / private tickets
  2. Priority tickets with color labels for easy understanding
  3. Choose a product on the ticket
  4. Product License and Support Validation (Codecanyon and WooCommerce Integrated Licensing)
  5. Ticket topic, description and additional details.
  6. Instructions for configuration before opening tickets

Support / technical agent:

  1. Unlimited super administrator
  2. Unlimited number of agents
  3. Assign an agent to specific products
  4. Automatic distribution of tickets to agents in a circle


License validation and maintenance checks are performed using the Envato plugin (all markets) and WooCommerce Licensing.

  1. Envato (all markets)
  2. Licensing Woo Software
  3. EDD (coming soon)

Canned answers:

Preserved answers are predefined answers to frequently asked questions. In support, ready-made answers to frequently asked questions save a lot of time and effort to write.

  1. Add one or more ready answers
  2. Merge response / dynamic tags
  3. Private canned response


  1. Email notification and built-in application
  2. Notification to the client
  3. Notification to the agent
  4. New ticket notifications, ticket comments


  1. Configurable signature field for support agent
  2. Dynamic tags in the signature field
  3. Automatically add a signature to each agent response


  1. Send a message with a start and end date
  2. Message to clients, agents or all.


Register of versions:

New version V1.2 (June 15, 2021):

  1. Register of versions:

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