Download Free OpenSee – Full Nft Blockchain Marketplace like Opensea -Solidity and NextJs Full Version

If you need a full front and backend NFT MarketPlace Go to my profile, you will find the full Opensky theme

New application for decentralization with blockchain technology

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OpenSee – Basic Nft Blockchain Marketplace – Solidity and NextJs

Complete market for nft as the high seas with stability and uint tets and nextjs with Javascript, easy to edit and can edit and deploy in the core network.

Link to YouTube video tutorial documentation

The site includes:

  • Home page showing the description of the nft marketplace.
  • Top 5 Newest Nft Articles.
  • Create a new nft page with name and description and image or video file.
  • purchased page to filter the user login to the purchased item.
  • the dashboard that controls the uploaded item and my sold item.

-will find video documentation and everything we use is free (icons and images)

Technology used:

  • Solidity programming language
  • javascript
  • connect to wallets like a metamask
  • web3 library
  • React and Next js
  • Tailwind CSS Framework
  • IPFS blockchain image upload server

will save more than 80 hours of work

NOTE: this topic only buys and sells, no resale functionality, if you want this, contact me for personalized work

You can check out the live demo from this link

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Download Link OpenSee – Full Nft Blockchain Marketplace like Opensea -Solidity and NextJs


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