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In this application, the user can more effectively explore their surroundings, as well as find routes and directions to reach their destination, as well as rent taxis online to reach the desired destination. The user can also get step-by-step navigation along with augmented reality with many advanced redirection features along with finding a faster route


City directory

  1. Weather forecast
  2. Find nearby places
  3. Support up to 100 seats
  4. Find the best restaurants in town
  5. Check the details, photos of the place
  6. Also check out the reviews for the place
  7. The user can increase the search area

Tourist guide

  1. Search everywhere
  2. Find tourist attractions
  3. Explore the best places in City
  4. Add any place to your favorites
  5. Encyclopedia of nearby places using Wikipedia
  6. Check detailed information about the places
  7. Hire Taxi taxis online to get to your destination using Uber API

Routes and directions

  1. Get directions and directions to your destination
  2. Approximate duration, required distance and petrol
  3. Find routes for cars, bicycles and pedestrians
  4. Step-by-step route guide (Extended License)
  5. Redirection in case of point loss (Extended License)
  6. Find a faster route automatically (Extended License)
  7. HUD up display for night driving (Extended License)
  8. Live traffic
  9. Plan your tour
  10. There are 4 types of card style available
  • Normal
  • Hybrid
  • Satellite
  • Terrain

Augmented reality

  1. Augmented reality navigation (Extended License)
  2. Real-time instructions (Extended License)
  3. Real-time road signs (Extended License)
  4. Weather warning (Extended License)
  5. Augmented reality browser (Extended License)

Revenue generation

  1. Admob banner ads
  2. Banners for Admob
  3. Earn from Uber for US residents
  4. In-app purchases (Extended License)
  • Remove ads
  • Use Ar navigation

Push notifications

  1. A targeted alert

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Download the app from the playstore

Before you buy, first check the features of the app clearly in the demo app available in the playstore. Everything is clearly shown in the demo application. If an application error occurs in the future, it will be resolved in future updates.

It collects data using Google api, you need to activate Google billing, then you can use the Google Places API (after activating the charge, it will give you a free quota every month, for more details talk to the author). Ask questions about the app before you buy it. The Advanced Buyer must contact the Author after purchase

Diary of changes

Version : 1.1
Released Note : 21 May 2019

 - Update OneSignal
 - Update Google libraries ( Places , Admob )
 - Compatible with Google newer Places Sdk update
 - Solve minor UI problem

Effected Files For Android Studio
 - build.gradle
 - build.gradle (app)

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