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The dashboard menu editor provides an easy way to edit the admin menu items on your WordPress site. Not only does it help you customize the WordPress dashboard menu, but it also controls permissions and customizes menus for specific user roles. You can rearrange menus, change icons, change URLs, change permissions, and more.


  • Change the name of the menu item, URLs, icons
  • Organize the menu order by dragging and dropping
  • Specify permissions for a menu item for a specific user or user role
  • You can also rearrange submenu items
  • Easy to import, export and reset
  • Live Menu Editor: Check what you are editing live in the menu bar of the control panel. Before saving, you can see exactly what your dashboard menu item looks like.
  • Set custom menu icons: You can access tons of icons and choose the best one for your menu item. You can easily customize the default menu icon and change it.
  • Hide the menu by user or user role: If you want to hide a specific menu item for an individual user, then you can select the user, maybe you can also define a specific user role.
  • Sort by drag and drop: You can drag and drop menu items wherever you want. Just be sure to press the save button after dragging and dropping the desired menu item.
  • Import and Export: Imagine you did something wrong with customizing your menu, you can easily reset it and return to the default administrator menu bar. You can also import your menu customization settings and export them to any other website, if you have one.

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