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If you want to keep your mind active, this type of game is always a great choice. The classic sudoku with a clear user interface makes you play this puzzle for hours and hours. Exercise your brain wherever you go with the free puzzle game Sudoku now with 4 levels of difficulty easy, normal, hard.
Sudoku Master - 1

What does it include

  • HTML5 files.
  • documentation
  • c3p file (construct 3 project).
  • Change the language

    Just edit the “language.xml” file in the game folder.
    Sudoku Master - 2

    Embed a game on the WordPress site

    Download a free plugin on our official website:
    Sudoku Master - 3


  • 14 August 20 – Correct some mistakes. Add a c3p file to the download package
  • April 20 – Fix some bugs.
  • March 20 – Language can now be changed. Just edit the “language.xml” file.
  • 11 February 20 – Faster sudoku generator. Correct pause errors. The add, resolve, hint and reset button freezes in pause mode. Make time flow properly.
  • 5 February 20 – Use js to generate a sudoku board, add three difficult modes, fix some bugs.
  • 17 January 20 – Released
  • Download Link Master Sudoku


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