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Lucky Wheel 12 is a small HTML5 game in which you spin the wheel to win the prize.

The zip package contains the administrator configuration page, which allows you to customize your bike with many options such as: graphics, background, common slices and your brand logo.

1) Complete backend / interface solution: (Not in this package)

Demo site: (gafami / 123456) (New generation with ranking and player entry management)

Demo site: (gafami / 123456) (Stable legacy system with no player login required)

2) How to configure:

After purchasing the package => Unzip the zip package and please open the “index.html” file in the “Documentation” folder to see the installation guide.

In addition, you also have access to and watch a video guide to “Fast Star” here:

3) How to play:

Just tap the “Skynet” icon or your brand logo => The wheel will spin and stop at any prize.

4) Features:

+ The wheel is customizable: common slices, background, brand logo, prize value, graphic shadow.

+ Responsive design well on mobile devices, tablets and desktops.

+ Support for high resolution (1366 × 768).

+ Very fast rendering in almost modern browsers, WebView.

+ Can work and play directly in almost chat application such as: Samsung line, Skype, Whatapp, Facebook messenger, Facebook webview, Zalo.

+ Minimum JavaScript library: No jQuery, only native script and only one SVG library.

+ Do with SVG.js.

+ Support for rotation from both directions: client-side or server-side.

5) FAQ:

5.1) How to rotate the server side?

In the wheel.html

// Server rotation const rewardIndex = 8; spin (function) {data

}, RewardIndex);

// Client rotation spin (function) {)


For a complete sample script, including a call API, please go to this link =>

5.2) How do I hide the burger menu and redeem the menu?

In wheel.html => Just add a “hide” class to this html component


<!-- BURGER MENU -->
<div class="burger-menu hide">
    <span class="active" />
    <span class="active" />
    <span class="active" />
    <div class="counter">...</div>

5.3) How do I apply my background image?

On the admin page, select “Your background” in the wallpaper configuration.

In the export folder, copy your background image to the img / => folder, and then rename it to custom-bg.png

5.4) How do I enable Gmail?

Please visit this link:

=> And follow step 1 -> step 4

5.5) How to change the default spin sound to your own sound?

=> Just copy your sound with the same file name and replace it this time with “media / spinSound.mp3”

5.6) How do I change the image of the prize?

=> After exporting the wheel, please go to the “img /” folder, you will see a list of image names for a prize such as “reward 0.png”. rewards1.png, etc. “, just replace it with the expected image.

6) Support channel:

Please contact me by email or Skype for any questions related to this product. I support the development of small features with a free price.

Email: [email protected]
Skype: hung.nguyenvan84


To update the plugin just re-download the purchased package.

**v2.0.2 - 2020.09.08 (Released) **
-- Add 5 slices option.

**v2.0.1 - 2020.03.23 **
-- Small bug fixes for 12 slices reward image rotation.

**v2.0.0 - 2020.03.22 **
-- Add feature upload reward image for each slice.

**v1.1.13 - 2020.09.28 **
-- Add new Wheel UX and Wallpaper "Zodiac".

**v1.1.12 - 2020.07.02 **
-- Add new Wheel UX "Gift" 
-- Minor bug fixes related to upload spin icon.

**v1.1.11 - 2020.05.29 **
-- Add new feature "Change Wheel UX" 
-- Minor bug fixes.

**v1.1.10 - 2020.04.16 **
-- Add config spin sound.

**v1.1.9 - 2020.03.09 **
-- Add UI / UX to allow edit image link for "Banner" module to support non-coding way.

**v1.1.8 - 2020.03.05 **
-- Add new UX / UI "Banner mode".
-- Add more screenshots.

**v1.1.7  - 2020.02.06 **
-- Add new wallpaper "Flame".
-- Add more screenshots.

**v1.1.6  - 2020.01.03 **
Link CDN image for wall paper: 

-- Add new wallpaper "Songkran".
-- Add more screenshots.

**v1.1.5  - 2019.12.27 **
-- Add new feature "Config redirect link for each slice data".
-- Optimized stylesheet: Move admin's stylesheet to the new file. Since the client wheel doesn't need them.
-- Add more screenshots.

**v1.1.3  - 2019.12.16 **
-- Small changes for the admin page. (Send email and "show reward popup" features just works when you export the wheel)
-- Bug fixes when spin from server side with reward index return 0.
-- Updated FAQs.

**v1.1.0  - 2019.12.06 **
-- Add new wallpaper "Happy new year", "Merry Christmas".
-- Optimized resource render.
-- Allow modify wheel color (Ask me to modified).
-- Add more screenshots.

**v1.1.0  - 2019.11.12 **
-- Add new option for wallpaper config => upload your own background.
-- Add more preview screenshots.
-- Bug fixes email SMTP feature send incorrect price.

**v1.0.9  - 2019.11.02 **
-- Support spin from both ways: client side or server side. Please follow FAQ section to see how to use it.

**v1.0.8  - 2019.10.30  **
-- Add new component "Wallpaper Config" 
-- Add more preview screenshots.

**v1.0.7  - 2019.09.21 **
-- Add new component “Get Customer Email”.
-- Send email address of the customer who win the reward to configure email.
-- Add more review screenshots.

**v1.0.6  - 2019.09.16 **
-- Add new component "Countdown Timer".
-- Add more preview screenshots.

**v1.0.5  - 2019.07.18 **
-- Add support Free Text on slices.
-- Add login form option.
-- Add more preview screenshots.

**v1.0.4  - 2019.07.18 **
-- Support the wheel with 36 slices option.

**v1.0.3  - 2019.07.08 **
-- Update new module "Reward Popup" to help buyer can implement theirs affiliate.
-- Update preview screenshot for Reward Popup" module.
-- Improve speed load when embedded this product into iOS WebView, Android WebView and React Native WebView.

**v1.0.2 - 2019.06.14 **
-- Add new module “Reward Bag” to allow player redeem  reward later.

**v1.0.1 - 2019.05.10 **
-- Improve rotation animation smoother.
-- Improve Admin page and bug fixes.

**v1.0.0 - 2019.04.30 **
-- First release.

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