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Give your website visitors the ability to quickly navigate a large area of ​​rendered HTML. Useful for creating maps of supermarkets, malls, theme parks, zoos, festival sites, theaters, airports, seating plans virtually anywhere the map would be larger than the user’s browser.


  • Very few images, mostly CSS
  • Includes 22 different customization options and 3 callbacks
  • Function to move the map to a position
  • It doesn’t stop the user from swiping beyond the map, it just bounces back until the whole map fills the screen
  • Scroll bars (change color using CSS) and adjust to zoom
  • Author / help message (You select the message)
  • Limit to horizontal / vertical panning
  • Customize the capture / grab cursor
  • Change the return speed of the animation
  • Change the momentum after release
  • Limit drag to view
  • NEW By popular request, Zoom

Update 1.2

  • Added capacity to increase
  • Arrow images have been replaced with css
  • Clear bugs

Update 1.1

  • Added inertia options
  • Added the ability to restrict the map to a view
  • Clear bugs

In the wild (examples)

If you use this script on your site / in-app, let me know, I will add a link to it here.

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